Proposed 2019 Budget Changes for Metropolitan District

At the Nov. 13 Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District Board meeting, the Board discussed the following proposed changes to the 2019 Budget due to the 6G mill levy failure. The Board will continue the public hearing and adopt the budget at its Dec. 4 meeting at 7 p.m. at the Ranch House. Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting or submit feedback to melissad@kcranch.org. The following lists the most significant changes from the 2018 budget to the 2019 adjusted budget:

Proposed Increases in Revenue:

  • Pool Fees: $55,000 (Residents will be required to pay $5 per pool use, $6 for guests, and $7 for non-residents; resident multi-use and family passes will also be available at a proposed rate of $100 for an individual pass; $250 for a family of 4 pass and $20 for each additional person.)
  • Credit Card Processing Fees: $90,000 (Residents will be required to pay for credit card processing fees on payments for activities, classes, and rentals.)
  • Interest Income: $25,000
  • Increased Contractor Classes: $5,000
  • Raise Rental Rates: $3,000
  • Increase in Recreation Programming Fees: $42,600

Proposed Decreases in Expenses:

  • Reduce capital outlays from operating budget: $42,000
  • Discontinue discounts at Foothills Ridge Recreation Center (KC residents will pay non-resident fee): $7,000
  • Close Ranch House Wading Pool for Season: $7,000
  • Cancel Events Such as Music a La Mode (if they do not cover costs through sponsorships): $1,500
  • Utilize exempt staff and volunteers to run events: $4,100
  • Create District Dimensions in-house: $3,000
  • Close the Community Center at 6 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays: $1,100
  • Open Community Center 30 minutes later Monday – Friday mornings: $2,500
  • Cut 2 year-round turf crew members: $72,800
  • Reduce to 1 herbicide application: $11,500
  • Eliminate MD Tree Program funding: $5,000
  • Reduce Supplies and Training Budget: $12,700

Please also note that the Master Association will be paying for an additional $150,000 in water costs in 2019, which also results in a decrease in expenses for the Metropolitan District.

Pool Fees
Several residents have already contacted the Metro District regarding the proposed pool fees. The Metro District appreciates the feedback on the proposed pool fees and understands the concerns that have been raised. The operation of the pools is a net loss of approximately $270,000 each year for the District. This cost is covered by tax revenue. There is a common misconception that your Master Association dues are what provide free access to the pools. Dues paid to the Master Association assist with capital maintenance of the Ranch House and Bradford Pools but are not used for operational expenses.

In an effort to keep the pools open and cover some of the operational expenses, the Metro District has proposed a preliminary fee structure for pool admission starting in 2019. This in turn, helps the District maintain services in other areas, such as park maintenance. The details of the fees are still being discussed including family passes, youth and senior rates, raising non-resident rates, and free admission for children under 2 years of age. We welcome continued input and will have a final fee schedule out to the community soon. You can submit feedback to melissad@kcranch.org.


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