Proposed Changes to Letters to the Editor Policy

The Master Association Board will vote on the following proposed changes to the Letters to the Editor Policy at the Board’s Feb. 20 meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Ranch House. If you have comments or questions about the policy, you can direct them to the editor, Victoria DeSair, at victoriad@kcranch.org or to the Master Association Board. In summary, the changes include:

• Addition of “political candidates” to list of people allowed to submit letters.
• Recommendation to call and confirm receipt of the letter if an email confirmation is not received.
• Subdivisions are no longer printed with resident names.
• More than one letter per resident may be published in a single issue of the paper provided that the letters are not about the same subject.
• Letters will be published with plain text; use of all caps, italics, bold or excessive exclamation points will not be allowed.
• Remove references to articles from 1995.
• Clarify the review process for letters.


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