Proposed Changes to Willow Springs Joint Use Agreement

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Trail Club is a group of community volunteers operating under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Master Association and a Joint Use Agreement with Willow Springs Open Space.

In 2004, the Joint Use Agreement was executed between Ken-Caryl and Willow Springs such that members of each community’s Trail Club who met certain membership standards annually would be eligible to receive permission and an identification tag for use of private Open Space owned by each respective community. In Ken-Caryl, members of the Trail Club that contribute 10+ hours of volunteer service annually would be eligible. In 2012, the agreement was amended to increase the number of reciprocal tags to 80 in anticipation of an increased number of unique volunteers with an interest in the program.

In 2018, the Ken-Caryl Master Association and Willow Springs Community have proposed another amendment to address some of the changes in the community as well as increased demand and interest in the program. At the next MA Board meeting on July 17, the Board will be reviewing the final draft of the agreement, which has been reviewed and approved by the Open Space Committee and approved by the Willow Springs community.

In summary, the amendment clarifies that tag holders must be residents of each respective community as well as adding limits to the number of guests to three per tag holder. The amendment also adds reference to the Golden Spike Trail, which was completed in 2017, as one of the three access points between the two communities. Finally, the amendment increases the number of available tags to 100 to address the increased number of unique volunteers providing 10 or more hours of volunteer work toward trail projects. The draft agreement will be included in the upcoming July 17 Board Meeting packet along with a map showing the access points.

Comments about the proposed changes can be sent to the Master Association Board. Contact information is listed on the Master Association Board Member Page.

If you would like more information on how to get involved with the Trail Club, email KCTrailClub@gmail.com.


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