Resident Survey Frequently Asked Questions

Resident Survey Frequently Asked Questions

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association and Metropolitan District Boards and the Community Planning Committee want your input! The 2017 Resident Survey will arrive by mid-September! Following are a few questions you may have about the survey.

How and When Will I Receive the Survey?
For those residents with an email in our system, the emails went out in batches starting Sept. 7 from our survey company, RRC & Associates. Some of the emails were blocked in the system, and the survey company is re-sending them Sept. 11. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. For those residents without an email in our system, postcard invitations were mailed the week of Labor Day. If you don’t receive a postcard or an email by Tuesday, Sept. 12, send an email to cpc@kcranch.org or call 303-979-1876.

I Can’t Get the Website to Come Up. How Do I Access the Survey?
The survey website is www.kcrsurvey.org. Don’t do a Google search or other web search engine search for the website address. It’s a secure site that won’t come up in web searches. You need to type the whole address into the address bar (URL bar) at the top of your web browser and hit enter when you’ve typed the whole address. Or click here: www.kcrsurvey.org

What is the Survey Deadline?
We ask that you complete the survey within 10 days of receipt.

How Many Surveys Can My Household Complete?
There is one survey per household within the boundaries of Ken-Caryl Ranch. Each household will receive a unique passcode. We encourage you to discuss the survey with other members of your household so your responses reflect your combined opinions and desired future plans for Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Is the Survey Only Available Online?
While the preferred method for taking the survey is online, paper copies are available at the Ranch House for those who prefer not to or can’t take the online version.

Should I Take the Survey on My Computer or Mobile Device?
The online version of the survey may be completed on a computer or a mobile device, but a computer provides the best experience.

How Long Will the Survey Take?
The survey will likely take 15-20 minutes. Depending on the length of the respondent’s write-in comments, it could take substantially longer.

Who Created the Survey?
The Community Planning Committee spearheaded the survey project along with staff from the Master Association and Metropolitan District. Several months’ worth of meetings culminated in the very comprehensive survey. An independent survey consultant, RRC & Associates, was hired to consult on questions and develop the online survey tool.

Is the Survey Anonymous?
Yes, the survey is anonymous. An independent survey consultant, RRC & Associates, manages the survey distribution and data compilation.

Why Are We Doing a Survey?
It’s been five years since the last formal resident survey, and staff and volunteers would like to collect updated data about our community demographics, preferred activities, and satisfaction level with our facilities, services and amenities. The 2012 resident survey was a valuable planning tool for the Boards, staff and Community Planning Committee. The survey results helped the Boards to make decisions regarding facility renovations, programming changes, a partnership with Foothills for indoor pool usage, new community entrance signs, and new playgrounds. The Community Planning Committee also created a long-range Community Plan based on the survey results.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions About the Survey?
Email cpc@kcranch.org for more information or any questions you may have.


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