Landscape Water Conservation


Landscape Master Vision

The Metropolitan District and Master Association Boards approved a Landscape Master Vision in July 2015. It serves as a long-range guide for future decision-making and investment in landscaped areas on Ken-Caryl Ranch. These areas include parks, playgrounds, medians and greenbelts.

  • The purpose of the Landscape Master Vision is to facilitate a more consistent and attractive landscape throughout Ken-Caryl Ranch; increase environmental stewardship on community-owned and privately-owned lands; and reduce water usage.
  • Ken-Caryl Ranch budgets for approximately $350,000 per year on water.
  • During the summer, Ken-Caryl Ranch spends approximately $3,000 per day on water.
  • Finding ways to conserve water helps the sustainability of this precious resource.

The first attempt at making landscape changes to reduce our irrigation water consumption in line with the Vision was met with resistance from some residents. The Parks Advisory Committee is reassessing implementation of the Vision and will make recommendations to the Boards later this year for implementation beginning in 2017. Resident information-sharing and comment opportunities will be provided before either Board makes a final decision.

Landscape Water Conservation Resources for Residents

A landscape architect who is working with Ken-Caryl Ranch on the Landscape Master Plan put together Water Use and Landscape Flyers to educate residents on landscaping and irrigation.

Colorado State University Extension Service also has a wealth of information available on their website.

Comments or questions can be emailed to bondprojects@kcranch.org.


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