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If you live in Enclave, North Ranch, Mountain Gate, Settlement, Manor Ridge, or Sunset Ridge, DO NOT SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL HERE. These neighborhoods require architectural approval from the subassociation. For subassociation architectural review information, click on the link below.


Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Architectural Committee Exterior Home Improvement Requests

Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association requires Architectural Committee Approval for all exterior home improvements. The Architectural Committee and its representatives review home improvement requests for aesthetics on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.

Properties Adjacent to Open Space

Access through open space to private property, including storing material and performing work, is PROHIBITED by Rule #5 & #7 of the KCR Open Space and Parks Rules. Appeal to the OPEN SPACE DEPARTMENT using the form below. This process may take up to 30 days. As part of the review process, a property boundary line assessment (PBLA) may be completed by the Rangers.

Open Space Access Policy Open Space Access Submittal Form

Submittal Process

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to acquire all necessary permits and adhere to Jefferson County regulations. It is also the responsibility of the homeowner to follow the Ken-Caryl Ranch Home Improvement Rules and Regulations, which can be found in its entirety on our Governing Documents & Policies page.

We assume the work you request is the work that will be completed. All work can be subject to review by the Architectural Committee. Unapproved work can be subject to the Covenant Control Committee review.


To submit your request for approval:
Step 1: Click on the applicable orange button below for your project.
Step 2: Review the rules and required documents for your project and gather them for scanning prior to filling out the submittal form.
Step 3: Fill out the online form, attach the required supporting documents and submit.

Requests should be submitted to the Community Standards Administrator (CSA) by the Tuesday before the review. This practice is in place to allow time for the CSA to review for completion and request further information if needed. Requests submitted after the Tuesday cutoff cannot be guaranteed for review and could be declined for incompletion or delayed to the next review date. The Architectural reviews are conducted by the designated Architectural Consultant with the assistance of the CSA every second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Some large-scale project requests like Home Additions will require full committee review and some smaller-scale requests may qualify for auto approval.

Step 4: Confirmation of receipt email from Ken-Caryl Ranch.
The first email you receive will thank you for your submission. Once your submittal is previewed for completion by the CSA, you will receive a confirmation email. The message you receive may indicate a need for more information. If your Home Improvement Request qualifies for Auto Approval, it will be the final email response you receive. If you do not see the email, please check your spam folder as your review results will be delivered the same way.

Step 5: Receive your response via email after the review.
When your project is approved, your approval is good for one year from the date it was approved. Additional information or conditions may be included in your approval letter. If the response is “more info is needed,” or the project is declined, follow the instructions in the email, and if you have questions, call the CSA at 303-979-1876, ext. 113.

You will still be able to submit a Hard Copy Application if you prefer, and paint color and product samples will still need to be submitted in person. If you have questions about the process or need further assistance, please contact Jenny Bernal at jennyb@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 113.

Helpful Hints and FAQs
*Site Plan: a diagram of the overall property that can typically be found in your home’s closing paperwork. Acceptable alternatives are satellite images (can be found online) of the property with proposed improvements drawn in; or in many cases a hand-drawn site plan is sufficient.
*Floor Plan: a diagram of the project itself that identifies the footprint of the proposed structure. Normally your contractor will provide the plans for the structure.
*Materials and Colors: wood, manufactured product, wrought iron, stone, paint/stain, stamped or stained concrete, sod, rock, mulch etc. The contractor may have a brochure or documentation with this information.
*Photos: photos of the property where the improvements will be made as well as pictures of the inspiration for the project are excellent ways to help the Architectural Committee understand your project and be able to issue an approval in a timely manner.

Choose Your Project:

Decks, Patios, Patio Covers Driveways, Paths, Concrete Work Fences Landscaping, Gardens, Retaining Walls Painting – Exterior Roofing Sheds, Accessory Buildings, Play Equipment Siding Solar Installations Windows, Skylights, Doors, Garage Doors

Don’t see your project? Check the Rules, Regulations, and Procedures. Contact Jenny Bernal at jennyb@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 113 for help.

Contractor Reference Database

Are you working on a project and would like referrals from neighbors for local contractors? Check out our Contractor Reference Database.

Contractor References

Questions? Contact Jenny Bernal at jennyb@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 113.

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