Fences, Dog Runs, Mailboxes

Please refer to the Fencing Guidelines for your neighborhood, which are linked below. If you don’t know which neighborhood you live in, you can look it up on our Street and Neighborhood List.

Aspen Meadows Cimarron Quail Ridge Saddlewood Spread Territory Valley Neighborhoods Village

If you live in Manor Ridge or North Ranch, see links below for your neighborhood’s form.

Manor Ridge North Ranch

If you live in Enclave, Mountain Gate, Settlement, or Sunset Ridge, please contact your subassociation through the button below.


How Do I Submit for a Fence, Dog Run, or Mailbox?

Information and materials required for your application include:

  • Fill out the Home Improvement Online Form linked below.
  • Plot plan or other illustration showing location of fence must accompany this submittal.
  • Please specify the type of fence you are installing per your neighborhood fencing guidelines.
  • If the request is to replace like for like, include before photos and plot plan.
  • If you have questions, contact Jenny Bernal at jennyb@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 113.
Home Improvement Online Form

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to acquire all necessary permits and adhere to Jefferson County regulations.

Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Fencing, Dog Run, and Mailbox Rules:

The following information includes excerpts from the Ken-Caryl Ranch Home Improvement Rules and Regulations, which can be found in its entirety on our Governing Documents & Policies page. While we have gathered some information pertinent to your request and compiled it here for your convenience, it remains your responsibility to comply with all Master Association and Subassociations governing documents which require Architectural Approval for exterior home improvements.

Weld Wire Installation
Weld Wire must without exception be on the inside of fence rails on any fence facing a street, road, trail, greenbelt or other public right-of-way. Weld wire may be placed on the outside of fence rails, if the fence is along a common lot line with an adjacent lot, and the owner of the adjacent lot does not object to the weld wire on his/her side of the fence rails.

Electric Fencing
No electric fencing shall be permitted in residential areas unless buried.

Protective Fencing/Reflective Posts
In an effort to keep fencing consistent and still provide opportunity for plant and property protection, the following was adopted by the Architectural Committee. Fencing to protect plant material from damage by wildlife will be allowed under the following conditions:
–  Gardens – Vegetable. Must be located in a side or back yard. All vegetable gardens shall be carefully maintained. Protective fencing (7 ½’ maximum) is to be installed during the growing season only using black metal posts and black mesh. All fencing must be submitted for approval.
– Enclosure size may not be more than 1′ away from and 1′ taller than the height of planting.
– All plantings must be individually fenced (no mass enclosures are permitted for berms, flower beds, etc.).
– Heavy gauge weld wire (no chicken wire) and plastic netting (black color encouraged) are allowed.

Reflector Posts (professionally manufactured) to define private driveways in snow conditions will be allowed under the following guidelines:
– Allowed only November 15 – April 15; reflector posts must be removed after April 15.
– Must be well maintained.
– Must be kept a minimum of 15-20′ apart.
– Are not allowed along sidewalks – only driveways.
– May not exceed 30″ in height, after installation.

3.10 Dog Runs. Dog Runs shall be constructed as a privacy fence or transparent open rail fence. Dog run fencing must be attached to the perimeter fence or dwelling unit. Refer also to the fencing guidelines posted above for your neighborhood.

3.26 Mailboxes. See separate fencing guidelines, including mailbox guidelines, for Quail Ridge, Aspen Meadows, Spread, Territory, Village, Saddlewood, and Cimarron. A standard shape mailbox painted black and not to exceed 11.4” x 14.5” is the permitted mailbox style for all neighborhoods with curbside mailboxes.

Questions? Contact Jenny Bernal at jennyb@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 113.


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