Sheds, Accessory Buildings, Play Equipment

How Do I Submit for Sheds, Accessory Buildings, or Play Equipment?

Information and materials required for your application include:

  • Fill out the Home Improvement Online Form below.
  • A plot or site plan showing where the structure will be placed.
  • Description of materials including paint colors and roofing material.
  • Dimensions
  • Photos of how the final product is intended to look.
Home Improvement Online Form

Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Rules:

The following information includes excerpts from the Ken-Caryl Ranch Home Improvement Rules and Regulations, which can be found in its entirety on our Governing Documents & Policies page. While we have gathered some information pertinent to your request and complied it here for your convenience, it remains your responsibility to comply with all Master Association and Sub Associations governing documents which require Architectural Approval for exterior home improvements.

3.01 Accessory Buildings. Accessory buildings include storage sheds, playhouses, greenhouses, equipment buildings or other buildings not directly attached to the residence. Please consider visual impact when locating any accessory building.
• Sheds must be constructed and/or covered with the same materials as the exterior of the home. Roofing material shall match the roof of the residence.
• Pre-manufactured plastic sheds will be considered on an individual basis.
• Height of roof shall not be over 8 feet above ground level to ridge, and the building shall not exceed 100 square feet in floor area.
• Architecturally enhanced and discreetly placed sheds over 8 feet but less than 10 feet in height will be considered on an individual basis.
• Only one shed may be installed per residential lot. Storage cabinets designed for outdoor use shall not exceed 4’x6’x7’ high and shall be placed in an unobtrusive location. Although submittal is not required, additional screening may be required. Units larger than what is described here shall be defined as a shed.
• The Building shall be 3 feet from any property line or a greater distance as required by County zoning in the neighborhood. Applicants are advised to check with the Jefferson County Zoning Department to confirm required set-backs prior to submitting application as zoning requirements vary by neighborhood. Any utilities to such buildings shall be underground.

3.44 Tree Houses. Definition: A tree house is any elevated free-standing structure constructed on or around a tree. Specifics are as follows:
• Tree houses may not exceed 50 square feet in floor area.
• The maximum height from the prevailing ground elevation to the top of the structure may not exceed 14 feet.
• Construction shall be of materials that blend in, as much as possible, with the tree itself. Completed structures shall have a neat and finished appearance. Structures shall be painted or stained in natural colors and shall not be painted to match the house unless the house colors are natural. Any roofing material shall be a natural color.
• Tree houses shall be located to be as unobtrusive as possible. Please consider visual impact when locating the tree house.
• Tree houses shall have a minimum setback from any property line of 3 feet.
• Permanent lighting is not permitted.
• Submittal is required using a Home Improvement form.

3.09 Dog Houses. Colors and materials shall match residence. Maximum size shall be 4 feet x 4 feet in width and length and not more than 4 feet to highest point.

3.32 Rabbit Hutches. Colors and materials shall match residence. Size and location may be limited.

3.32 Play and Sports Equipment.
A. Play Equipment/Structures. Submittal shall include dimensions, materials and location.
B. Trampolines. Shall not be placed within a 5′ setback. Please consider your neighbors’ view and any noise factor when choosing a location for your trampoline.
C. Temporary Play Equipment. Equipment shall be stored when not in use. Temporary play equipment does not require a submittal.
D. Basketball Backboards/Goals.
• Mounted on house – Backboard shall be of a standard size. Submittal is not required.
• Fixed free-standing – Backboard shall be of a standard size. Committee approval is required. Submittal shall show location. Placement in or adjacent to the street is not permitted. Location shall be at least ½ the length of the driveway away from the street.
• Portable free-standing – when not in use goal shall be stored in an upright position at least ½ the length of the driveway away from the street. Submittal is not required.

Questions? Contact Jenny Bernal at jennyb@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 113.

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