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Trash & Recycling

We have contracted with Waste Connections for our Ken-Caryl Ranch curbside trash and recycling program. Each neighborhood has a designated day of pickup (see schedule). This service is included in the membership dues, which are paid to the Master Association by homeowners. Along with a variety of services that Waste Connections offers to residents, just one trash removal vehicle and one recycling collection vehicle will be in your neighborhood just one day of the week. Please have trash and recycling out at the curb and placed on opposite sides of the driveway by 7 a.m. Waste Connections may be contacted at 303-288-2100.

  • Trash Service Details: There are two options for weekly curbside household trash collection:
    Residents may request one 96-gallon trash tote which will be provided by Waste Connections (see below for sign-up information). In addition to servicing the tote once a week, Waste Connections will also collect up to six bags or bundles of yard waste (branches must be tied and bundled in lengths not to exceed four feet and no greater than one foot in diameter and weigh less than 40 pounds).
    Residents may also use their own containers. In this case Waste Connections will collect up to 10 cans/bags of regular household trash, and six bags/bundles of yard waste (branches must be tied and bundled in lengths not to exceed four feet and no greater than one foot in diameter and weigh less than 40 pounds).
    Waste Connections can take many large items, but there is a fee associated with this service depending on the type and amount of the items. Please call at least 48 hours in advance of your pickup to pay for the service and schedule the pickup.
  • Recycling Service Details: The Waste Connections recycling service is single-stream and can be mixed together in one bin or tote. Please see the Single-Stream Recycling Guidelines for more details. If you choose not to use a bin, please do not bag your recycling, as it may be mistaken as trash. Recycling stickers are available at the Ranch House to label recycling containers as needed.
  • Holiday Pickup Schedule: Waste Connections observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day (unless the holiday falls on a weekend day, in which case the regular schedule is followed). During these holiday weeks, trash removal will be delayed one day if your scheduled pickup falls on or after the holiday (i.e. if a holiday falls on a Wednesday, trash removal will be delayed one day for everyone scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.)
  • Auto-Dial Service for Trash Delay Notifications: Waste Connections offers an auto-dial service called Call Fire to notify customers of any changes in trash pickup days. If you are interested in being notified through this service, you can sign up at www.wcdenver.com/contact/. Complete the required information and in the comment section at the bottom of the page, explain that you are a Ken-Caryl resident seeking to sign up for the Call Fire service.

Trash TotesOptional Trash and Recycling Totes

Residents have the option of continuing to use their own trash and recycling containers (either trash cans or bags) or of using 96-gallon totes provided at no charge by Waste Connections. The totes have wheels and are 42 inches tall, the top measures 30×34 inches, and the bottom is 24×24 inches.

If you prefer to use the totes, send an email to kencarylco@wasteconnections.com, say that you want to sign up for totes and provide your name, address, email address and phone number. You can request both trash and recycling totes, just a trash tote, or just a recycling tote.


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