Trail Reroute: North Hogback Trail to the Lark Bunting Trail

By Dan Mullins, Volunteer Trail Coordinator

This past January, the 2020 Trail Maintenance Plan was discussed by the Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space Committee. The plan included a trail reroute in the North Ranch: an unnamed trail that connects the North Hogback Trail to the Lark Bunting Trail. This existing trail was created long before trail standards existed and is much too steep (12% to 18% grade) to be sustainable. The trail, while fairly short, has required significant efforts over many years to attempt to control the erosion. The Open Space Committee agreed that a better choice is to close this eroded trail, revegetate the soil and provide a new, more sustainable route.

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space Committee will review this proposed trail reroute at their monthly meeting on May 27. The proposed route ascends the hill at a lesser grade (approximately 8%) which will be much more sustainable and require significantly less maintenance. The new route is approximately 980 feet long and is proposed to connect to the North Hogback Trail at the intersection with the Lyons Trail. See attached Trail Reroute Map 1 and Trail Reroute Map 2.

Construction of the trail reroute and reclamation of the existing trail will be performed by volunteers. Temporary fencing will be installed to allow the existing trail to revegetate.

If you have questions, contact Open Space Manager Sean Warren at 303-979-1876, ext. 463 or at seanw@kcranch.org.


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