Unaccompanied Guests of Residents Recreating in Open Space

The KCR Park Rangers are charged with enforcing the KCR Open
Space (KCROS) and Parks Rules adopted by the Master Association
and Metropolitan District Boards. Rule number one states “Private Open
Space properties are for the use of residents and their guests only.

Guests must be accompanied by a Ken-Caryl resident. Trespassers will
be prosecuted.” KCR Open Space is owned by the Master Association
and management costs are covered by Association dues. Since no
public money was used to purchase the property or manage it, the
community is not obligated to provide access to the general public. This
is quite different than the typical Open Space property managed by
federal, state or county agencies.

When using the private Open Space areas of KCR, visitors must be
prepared to prove their residency. When contacted by a KCR Park
Ranger in these areas you may be asked to provide your property
address or a picture ID. You may also prove your residency by
displaying a KCROS ID wrist band. Trespassing is a problem. Nonresidents
are drawn to our Open Space because of the incredible
scenery, diversity of trail experiences and relatively light visitation that
limits trail user conflicts.

Sometimes the Rangers will contact an individual that is not a resident
but claims that they are staying with a resident or are friends with a
resident. This of course is not allowed unless, as the rule states, they are
accompanied by a resident. During these contacts the Rangers are in a
tough position as we have no choice but to issue a contact notice for
trespassing. As you can imagine, when contacted, users are confused
and feel they are not trespassing. This unfortunately will put the
individual on notice for the next 36 months. If they receive another
contact notice for trespassing, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office will
be notified and asked to issue a summons for trespassing. The Rangers
do not want to discourage Open Space use by relatives or friends, but
abiding by and understanding the rules will help everyone involved. The
Ranger staff does not have an option in enforcing the rules as they are
set by the elected officials, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Board of Directors.

One helpful option for family or friends not living at Ken-Caryl Ranch and
wishing to visit the Open Space is to request a guest pass through the
Ranger office. The purpose of this pass allows friends or relatives on a
short-term basis to be in private areas without being accompanied by a
resident. The introduction of this guest pass has helped reduce
confusion during contacts for Rangers and users alike. If you would like
more information, please call the Rangers at 303-979-1876, ext. 170.

Ken-Caryl Ranch