Unauthorized Tin Cup Fire Investigation Update

Unauthorized Tin Cup Fire Investigation Update

Remnants of an unauthorized campfire at Tin Cup campsite.

On Aug. 9, an unauthorized fire, located approximately 30’ west of the Tin Cup campsite marker, was reported by a trail user and found to be smoldering on the morning of Aug. 10. When investigated by KCRMA Ranger Matt Oven, it was determined that the fire was still hot and there was broken glass, cans and rocks in the fire. The trail user also reported that the site’s picnic table was moved from its original site on the Tin Cup summit, which is normally located on a pad approximately 150’ west of the campsite. This was verified by Ranger Oven upon investigation. The trail user also reported having seen a group of young kids traversing the lower Manor House Trail earlier, equipped with little overnight gear.

As part of Ranger Oven’s investigation, he was able to verify that there were no permitted campers registered to use the Tin Cup campsite the evening prior to the incident. He then proceeded to drive to the Manor House Trail shelter and continued to the campsite summit on his bike. At that time, Ranger Oven confirmed that the picnic table was missing and that was when he also discovered the smoldering camp fire.

As a result of the dutiful trail user’s report, in addition to Ranger Oven’s quick actions and prompt attention to this matter, the fire was quickly doused, along with the potential for the fire to spread.

We are thankful to Ranger Oven and all of the KCRMA Rangers who so dutifully monitor Ken-Caryl’s open space for the safety of our community’s residents and wildlife.

If you see something, say something. As a result of this report, a potentially dangerous situation was ultimately avoided.

Ranger Oven has completed his investigation and it was determined that there were sever teenagers, ages 17 and 18, involved in the incident. Information obtained by Ranger Oven was submitted to the Jeffco Sheriff for further follow-up. The parents of all Ken-Caryl Ranch teenagers involved will be sent a hearing letter to address this incident before the Master Association Board.

Residents who may have any additional information should contact the KCRMA Ranger staff at 303-987-1876, ext. 170.



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