Vehicles on Trails

With the challenging year we are having, and the likeliness that kids and adults are working from home, there is more activity and use on our trails. The rangers are starting to notice motorized vehicles such as scooters, Segway’s, one wheels and hoverboards on our paved and soft surface trails. These types of vehicles are prohibited on any natural or paved surface in our open space.

Per Rule #6 in the Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space and Parks and Rules Enforcement Policy, unauthorized vehicles are prohibited, which includes, but is not limited to, motorcycles, motorized scooters and any other motorized vehicles. Class 1 e-bikes are allowed on natural surface and paved open space, greenbelt and park trails. Class 2 e-bikes are only allowed on paved open space, greenbelt and park trails. Class 3 e-bikes are only allowed on roads and parking lots where motorized vehicles are authorized to travel. However, “Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices” (OPDMD) are allowed on open space, greenbelt and park trails in accordance with “Guidelines for use of OPDMD on properties owned or leased by KCRMD and KCRMA,” which can be found under Open Space then Rules & Regulations.

We all would rather see children and adults enjoying the outdoors rather than screen time, but please be advised, that for the safety of you and other trail users, that operating most motorized vehicles in our trail system is prohibited.


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