Fuel Hazard Assessment Request Form

Fuel Hazard Assessment Registration

Ken-Caryl Ranch is taking action to reduce our wildfire risk and improve safety. We are one of 1,200 recognized Firewise communities across the nation taking action and ownership in preparing and protecting their homes against the threat of wildfire. Using a five-step process, communities develop an action plan that guides their residential risk reduction activities, while engaging and encouraging their neighbors to become active participants in building a safer place to live. If you are a resident and would like assistance with fire prevention on your property, you can use the form below to request an in-person assessment of potentially hazardous fuels on your property and mitigation consultation.

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Residents should plan for appointments to last one hour; appointments will last longer if necessary.

Upon completion of this form, a member of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association will contact you at the information provided to schedule an appointment.
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The Ken-Caryl Ranch Rangers will conduct a review of your property. The purpose of the review is to determine whether your home meets Firewise guidelines or how you can work towards meeting Firewise guidelines; however, compliance with those guidelines does not guarantee that your home will not burn or suffer wildfire damage. The Master Association has no liability should your home burn or suffer damage. Although the work you complete may meet the initial guidelines, it’s important to remember that ongoing maintenance is critical to provide your home the best chance of surviving a wildfire.
I give my permission and consent to designated employee(s) of Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association to enter onto and inspect my property during a predetermined and mutually agreed-upon time for the exclusive purposes of fuel hazard assessment and consultation.