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A “Sign of the Times”

I know most of you rather listen to me drone on about watering your grass and pulling weeds (what’s with the weeds this year?)…but I’ll have to save that for next time, and believe you me, I won’t forget.

As I mentioned in my last article the laws as they relate to temporary signs and flags is changing and Ken-Caryl Ranch will be updating its Temporary Signage Posting Rules and Regulations, and it’s Flags and Flagpole Rules and Regulations to be in alignment with House Bill 21-1310  – while at the same time – protecting our community as much as we can to maintain the aesthetic  beauty that is Ken-Caryl.

Additionally, like cooking and adding an extra ingredient just because you think “why not”?, we are also updating our Lattice and Privacy Screen Rules and Regulations to be a little clearer for all you wonderful people.

Without further ado, here’s the full monty on the proposed updated rules and regulations (children under 13 may want to excuse themselves from the room):

3.06 Temporary Signage Posting Rules

According to Section 3.04 of the Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, no sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view without the approval of the Committee.

The purpose of these Rules, Regulations, and Procedures is to avoid clutter and maintain uniformity throughout the community public spaces.

Approved Signage:

  • Professionally made (no handwritten signs) no larger than 18” X 24”, in like-new condition and without embellishments.  See also Prohibitions.
  • Signs no larger than 18” X 24” may be displayed in a window as long as the window is large enough to accommodate the entire sign.
  • One sign not to exceed 4” X 10” may be posted on or near the front door (for example, “No Soliciting”).
  • No more than two 10” X 10” signs may be posted on property to alert residents and guests (for example, “Invisible Fence” or “Dog on Premises”).
  • Temporary signs posted by MA or MD for various community notices may be approved by staff.
  • Marquee signs are for announcing KCR Foundation, KCRMA, and KCRMD sponsored events and activities. Additional announcements from governmental agencies will be posted on a space available basis following approval by the Executive Director.
  • Decorative Porch and Garden Signs – Professionally made and maintained Decorative Porch and Garden signs that feature words or artistic details to enhance the look of a space, welcome guests, or celebrate a season are allowed on private property. See Holiday Decorations and Lights (2.27) rules and regulations as it pertains to holiday decorative signage.
  • Master Association Banners for annual Community Garage Sale Event.
  • Property for Sale or Lease:

– Only one sign per residence is allowed.

– All real estate signs shall be free-standing and cannot be attached to a home, garage, or fence. Real estate signs on posts in yard are allowed.

– All signs to advertise a home for sale or rent, either furnished by a real estate company or by the owner, shall be professionally made and in like-new condition.

– Sign shall not exceed 6 square feet, be no taller than 7 feet in height, and shall be installed in a manner to insure vertical alignment of the sign.

– Private homeowners displaying “For Sale/Rent” signs must comply with these same specifications or submit their sign to the Architectural Committee for approval.

– Open House signs may be posted during hours of the open house, one per property per intersection on each side of the street where a turn is required to reach the property, with right or left arrows indicating turns.

  • Sample/Garage/Yard/Estate Sale:

– White 18” X 24” signs may be used

– Direction arrows may be drawn in or applied to the sign but may not protrude outside the edges of the sign.

– Garage Sale Signs may be purchased for $5 at the Ranch House Administrative Offices during business hours, 7676 South Continental Divide Road (holidays excluded).

– Sign shall be posted no sooner than the evening before the sale and must be removed no later than the evening of the last day of the sale

Approved Temporary Sign Locations for sales and events:

  • Intersections on each side of the street where a turn is required to reach the sale/event.
  • The island at Ken-Caryl Avenue and Valley Parkway (see the Temporary Sign Posting Locations Map).
  • The intersection of South Valley Road and Club Drive (see the Temporary Sign Posting Locations Map).
  • The intersection of Valley Parkway and South Valley Road (see the Temporary Sign Posting Locations Map).


  • A maximum of two (2) signs per property are allowed at any one given time.  See also section 2.23 Flags and Flagpoles of the Rules and Regulations.
  • Signs may not be placed within 5’ of any property line.
  • No signs exceeding 10” X 10” may be attached to buildings or structures.
  • No commercial signage, unless approved by Architectural Committee.
  • No banners.
  • No signs permitted on medians except in approved locations (see the Temporary Sign Posting Locations Map).
  • No lighted or self-illuminating signs.
  • No signs may be attached to fences, trees, or utilities.
  • No multiple signs for the same event, other than at intersections where turns are required.
  • Signs shall not be placed in greenbelts or open space areas, except those placed by KCRMA or KCRMD staff.
  • Signs are not allowed on Ken Caryl Avenue west of C-470 (see the Temporary Sign Posting Locations Map for exemptions).
  • Signs are not allowed on South Valley Road (see the Temporary Sign Posting Locations Map for exemptions).
  • Signs are not allowed at the intersection of Ken Caryl Avenue and Continental Divide Road
  • Signs may not be posted sooner than the evening before the sale/event and must be removed no later than the evening of the last day of the sale/event


  • Signs in any of the above-mentioned prohibited areas and any other non-complying signs may be removed without notification.
  • As a courtesy, any professional free-standing signs will be held at the Ranch House for five days. Any unclaimed signage will be discarded.
  • See Enforcement Section 1.05

See also http:// http://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2021A/bills/2021a_1310_enr.pdf

2.23 Flags and Flagpoles

Architectural Committee approval is required for in-ground flagpoles with the following criteria:

  • Shall be a minimum of five feet from all property lines.
  • Must be mounted to the ground, not on a deck, patio, or retaining wall.
  • May not exceed the roofline of the house.
  • May not be illuminated without prior Architectural Committee approval.

Committee approval is not required for flagpoles if they are a type which projects from the house, is mounted on the first story, and does not exceed 6 feet in length.

Submittal shall include:

  • Site plan showing location of the proposed installation.
  • Photo or manufacturer’s spec sheet of the unit to be installed.

Architectural Committee approval is not required for professionally made – noncommercial flags with the following criteria:

  • The maximum allowed flag size is four (4) feet x six (6) feet.
  • The maximum number of flags is two (2) per property.  (See also Rules and Regulations 3.06 for Temporary Signage Posting Rules).
  • Flags must be mounted to an approved flagpole.
  • Displayed in a window of the unit large enough to display the entire flag.
  • On a balcony adjoining the unit, on an approved flagpole.
  • No flags bearing commercial messages are allowed.
  • Only professionally made flags will be allowed.

See also http:// http://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2021A/bills/2021a_1310_enr.pdf

2.31 Latticework and Privacy Screens

Architectural Committee approval is required for any application, including latticework, trellis, privacy screening (free standing and attached to patio, deck or home).
Privacy screening may not exceed 6’ in height (from original grade) unless approved by Architectural Committee.
Acceptable materials for privacy screening include (but are not limited to): Wood, metal, glass, and stone – subject to Architectural Committee approval.
Submittal shall include:
Site plan and photo(s) showing location(s) of installation
Dimensions, materials, and colors
Photo or rendering of how the final installation is intended to look
Lattice may not be installed on or attached to a fence to increase the height or screening capability.
If you’re still with me I applaud you.  If you’re not, take it in doses.  I recommend one rule at a time with a meal break or nap in between.
The Architectural Committee will hear public comment and vote on these proposed rule changes at the September 23, 2021 meeting.  I’ll bring Donuts.
I’m happy to take any comment or opinion and share that with the Architectural Committee so you don’t have to get up at so early for the meeting!

Thanks Ken-Caryl!
At your service,
Brian Yowell

Additional Supporting Documents:

Flag and Flag Pole Rules & Regulations
Latticework – Screening Rules & Regulations
Temporary Signage Posting Rules 2021

Master Association Board Updating Access to Association Records Policy

Over the next few months, the Master Association Board will be reviewing several major policies to determine if updates should be made. The board discussed changes to the Access to Association Records Policy at the last Board meeting on Aug. 17.

House Bill 1229 was passed in July in Colorado and takes effect in late September. The act increases requirements for disclosure and transparency in the operations of HOAs in common interest communities, including requiring an HOA to maintain and keep available to unit owners, as part of its official records:

  • A list of the HOA’s current fees chargeable upon sale of a home in the community; and
  • Other information currently required to be disclosed annually under existing law, including financial statements, reserve fund balances, insurance policies, and meeting minutes.

The Master Association’s attorney recommends adding the two new categories created by HB 1229 to the Access to Association Records Policy. The attorney also recommends revising the section addressing records that may be withheld to make it clear that KCRMA withholds certain records as a general policy in the absence of a good reason for disclosure.

A redlined version of the policy can be viewed in the Aug. 17 Board Packet available at www.ken-carylranch.org under the About Us tab, then Board of Directors. The Master Association Board will vote on the proposed policy changes at their Sept. 21 board meeting at 6 p.m. at the Ranch House and via Zoom. Residents may provide feedback at the meeting or prior to the meeting by contacting Victoria DeSair at victoriad@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 122.

End of Summer Pool Schedule and Staffing

As the start of school is upon us, so too are changes to the availability of aquatic facilities. The District is a relatively small district, and we are fortunate to have three outdoor pools available for use during the summer season. The District employs approximately 50 high school and college students to operate these facilities throughout the season with about 90 percent of these youth being Ken-Caryl Ranch residents. As we enter the final days before school starts, the focus of our staff becomes on their school schedule and extra-curricular activities. Once school goes back into session, the District’s staff size reduces to approximately a one-third of what it was at full operation; therefore, the District cuts back operations from three pools to one pool with reduced public swim hours. To view those hours, go to www.ken-carylranch.org and click the orange Pools button at the top of the page. We are fortunate to have these dedicated staff to operate the remaining public hours through Labor Day, but as we can all agree, the focus for our young employees is their education. In addition, there are particular labor laws that are applicable to students and morning bell schedules that start as early as 7:15 a.m.

We understand that for those of you that have been utilizing any of the facilities in the morning or during the day, this change is an inconvenience. In the future, we are going to work hard to recruit staff that are not high school or college students and that is where you come into play! Next year in March, we will have information out about how you can become part of our team. The required training includes 24 hours of classroom and a swim test (100 yard swim, retrieval of a brick from deep end of pool, and a one minute treading water exercise). If you or someone you know have aquatic experience, please reach out to Kate McDonald, katem@kcranch.org, to discuss your interest in becoming part of our team!

2021 Community Survey Results

KCR partnered with Corona Insights, a Denver-based research firm, to conduct the 2021 community survey. Corona Insights worked closely with the KCR staff and the Community Planning Committee to develop a unique, interactive, and unbiased survey. Topics include amenities, open space management, funding, and other community matters. For more information or questions, please email cpc@kcranch.org.

MA Board Considers Prairie Dog Relocation to North Hogback

Deb Jones, president of Prairie Dog Action (PDA) and the contractor that relocated the prairie dogs from the Manor House open space (2015-2020), is asking for permission to move 105 prairie dogs from two locations in unincorporated Jefferson County to the prairie dog relocation site in the North Hogback Open Space (NHOS).
The NHOS prairie dog relocation site was established in 2003 when the rangers captured 109 prairie dogs from the Manor House open space and released them at this site. The site was used again in 2014 when PDA was granted permission to move in 120 prairie dogs. About another 80-120 prairie dogs were moved to the site in 2016-2017 when PDA began the more recent relocation of the Manor House colony. Unfortunately, sometime in 2020 Sylvatic plague infected the site and wiped out most of the prairie dog population. Only a few prairie dogs that survived the plague are using a fraction of the site.
Moving these new animals in would help to re-establish this important resource in our open space. If approved by the Board, staff will commit to protecting the colony by controlling flea populations which is the vector for the plague bacteria.
The request from PDA was reviewed by the Open Space Committee on July 13 where it received unanimous support. The Master Association Board will be voting on the topic at the August Board meeting. For questions or comments, please contact Open Space Manager Sean Warren at seanw@kcranch.org.

View a map of the proposed North Hogback Prairie Dog Relocation Site.

Master Association Board Recommending Changes to Conduct of Meetings Policy

Over the next few months, the Master Association Board will be reviewing several major policies to determine if changes should be made in order to bring policies up to date. The first policy the MA Board is reviewing is the Conduct of Meetings Policy.

The Board is recommending the following changes to the policy:

  • Remove the section on Sign-Up Sheets to reflect current practice.
  • Add language to include committees so the same policy is applicable to committee meetings.
  • Reference electronic meeting options to reflect current practice.
  • Clarify that a resident should not be interrupted while they address the Board.
  • Allow residents to respond for one minute if a Board member speaks about that resident by name.
  • Add the following language to the Member Conduct section:
    • Members and other residents shall not engage in any abusive or harassing behavior, either written, verbal or physical, or any form of intimidation or aggression directed at other Members, residents, guests, occupants, invitees, or directed at management, its agents, its employees, or vendors.
  • Add the following language to the Disruptive or Unruly Behavior section:
    • The Board may determine, after notice and hearing, that any Member may only attend meetings electronically and be restricted from attending meetings in person. In such an instance, the Board will ensure that Members can attend the meeting electronically and provide information for how to obtain access to the Member restricted from attending the meeting in person.

The Master Association Board will vote on the proposed policy changes at the Aug. 17 board meeting at 6 p.m. at the Ranch House and via Zoom. Residents may provide feedback at the meeting or prior to the meeting by contacting Victoria DeSair at victoriad@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 122.