Community Announcements

Proposed Rules & Regulations Change for Firewood Storage and Mailboxes

The Architectural Committee has proposed changes to the following rules and regulations surrounding the accumulation and storage of firewood on lots within Ken-Caryl Ranch. Additionally, new proposed rule and regulations surrounding mailboxes and mailbox posts will also be under review. 

The following proposed rules and regulations changes will be voted on at the next Covenant Control Committee on May 26 at 7:30 a.m. at the Ranch House. 

Firewood Storage – Rules and Regulations – DRAFT

2.21     Firewood Storage

No more than one cord of wood (stacked wood measuring 4 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet deep) shall be stored on any residential lot at any given time.

Stored wood shall be neatly stacked and placed as unobtrusively as possible at a minimal distance of 15 feet – when possible – from any combustible residence or accessory building.

Temporary coverings, such as tarps are not allowed to cover stored firewood.

Architectural Committee approval is required for any covering or storage solution for firewood.

A structure may be built to store the firewood but must meet the following criteria:

  • If covered, the roof must match that of the house.
  • May not be larger than 100’ square feet in size.
  • May not exceed 8’ in height.
  • For sided applications, it must match the colors of the house.
  • Shall not alter historical drainage into neighboring properties.

Any temporary storage solution or housing must also be approved by the Architectural Committee and will be reviewed on an individual basis. All temporary storage solutions and housings must be kept in good condition or will be deemed ‘unsightly’.

No more than 5 cubic feet of firewood may be stored near the residence and must be kept neatly stacked and placed as unobtrusively as possible.

Please visit the Firewise page on our website at www.ken-carylranch.org for additional information.

Not only do we want to ensure your yard is nice to look at, but as safe as possible. Our next proposed Rule and Regulation update is surrounding mailboxes and mailbox posts. These guidelines were historically found in the neighborhood fencing guidelines, but were original to the creation of Ken-Caryl Ranch and are in need of an update.

Mailbox and Post Rules, Regulations, and Procedures – DRAFT

2.33  Mailboxes and Mailbox Posts: Architectural Committee approval is required. Boxes must have a black finish. Boxes on a shared post must match in size.

Wood posts may be natural cedar and may be sealed with a transparent product to protect color of wood. Additionally, wood posts may be painted to match the home in which it services.

Professional numbers on the side(s) are allowed, however may not exceed 4” in height and may not be a reflective material.

Vinyl or plastic posts or mailboxes are not allowed.

Mailbox may not have any moving parts (such as wings of a duck).

Metal Mailbox posts may be approved if conservatively designed and compliment the home and neighborhood.

Oversized mailboxes are not allowed.

Ken Caryl Ave. and C-470 Interchange Construction Updates

CDOT began intersection improvement work  at the intersection of C-470 and Ken Caryl Avenue on Monday, March 21. The project is scheduled to run through late August 2022.

Project improvements include:

  • Removal and replacement of the traffic signals along both directions and both sides of Ken Caryl Avenue at C-470.
  • Improving the ramps from both eastbound and westbound C-470 onto Ken Caryl Avenue (Exit 10) by adding left turn capacity for motorists who are exiting C-470 and turning left onto Ken Caryl Avenue. This will help prevent left-turn traffic from backing up at these exits.
  • Widening the right turn lanes from Ken Caryl Avenue onto both directions of C-470.
  • Minor sidewalk improvements near the intersection.

Additional information will be posted here as it becomes available. The CDOT project webpage is available at the button below. For more information, please contact the project hotline at 720-372-0606 or c470intersectionimprovements@gmail.com.

Why is there a sidewalk closure on the south side of Ken-Caryl? Will an alternate route be in place?

As of May 1, 2022, there is temporary sidewalk and bike path access fenced off from construction work. However, pedestrians and cyclists should be aware that this is an active construction site, so please pay attention to the detour signs and use caution when going through the temporary path configuration. Once work begins on improving the medians (more info below in number 3), the full sidewalk closure will be back in place. At that time, the Cathy Johnson Trail is the only alternate trail route available until the sidewalk can be reopened following construction.

Will the merge lane from C-470 south onto Ken-Caryl Ave west be extended? Is there a high level map showing what is being done here?

The current condition from C-470 South onto Ken Caryl Ave West does not allow merging and no acceleration lane is present. An acceleration lane will be added in the northwest corner of the interchange to allow for easier merging onto Ken Caryl Ave from C-470. The map below illustrates all the improvements the project includes.

What will the new crossings look like? What work is being done to the sidewalk?

The size of the median islands will be increased to provide refuge areas, sidewalks will be widened from 4’ to 8-10’ across the medians to accommodate trail traffic, and raised pedestrian crossings across the on/off ramps will be added to improve pedestrian visibility. On the East side of the intersection, a separate bike crossing will be added.

Click on the map image below for a larger image.

Valley Parkway Maintenance and Road Improvements

Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering presented Valley Parkway design alternatives at their May 3 community meeting online. The presentation is posted on the County’s website, along with a survey link asking for feedback on the design alternatives. The survey deadline is May 10.

Additional information regarding the proposed replacement of stop signs with raised crossings:

Jefferson County abides by the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Manual on Uniform Control Devices (MUTCD). FHWA conducts extensive research for the MUTCD to define national roadway standards for all traffic control devices including roadway markings, signs and signals. MUTCD all-way stop control states that approach intersections (in this case, White Oak and Mountain Laurel) must have at least 300 vehicle approaches within an hour for any of the 8 hours on an average day. Neither intersection was close to meeting this threshold. When this threshold is not met, motorists driving on the thru street (in this case Valley Pkwy) become accustomed to the lack of motorists at the side street and begin rolling or running the stop signs, creating safety hazards for not only motorists that do approach the intersection expecting traffic to stop, but vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and bicyclists. This aligns with several concerns we received regarding low-compliance at these locations and is why staff prefers raised crossings. Raised crossings at these locations set clear expectations for all roadway users. Better yet, compliance is not an issue as a vertical crossing treatment forces motorists to slow while also providing greater visibility of those in the raised crossing.