Rules & Regulations

Covenant Info & Rules

KCRMA Rules & Regulations

As designated in Article VIII, Section 8.03 of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, the KCRMA Architectural Committee has established Rules and Regulations. Architectural rules and guidelines are intended to promote harmonious community living and enhance, preserve, maintain and protect property values and assets of the community. Regulations are dynamic in nature. As new issues surface or innovative ideas emerge, new regulations are added, inappropriate ones are deleted and many are simply amended or updated. There are also Signage Guidelines for political signs, real estate signs and garage sale signs. Please see the Governing Documents & Policies page for a full list of documents, policies and supplemental declarations.

Rules and Regulations are upheld by the Covenant Control Committee, a volunteer group of residents. The “look and feel” of Ken-Caryl Ranch is protected and maintained by the Architectural Committee. All home owners and businesses must submit a Home Improvement Request PRIOR to any work on their property.

Parking Rules

Some vehicles such as commercial vehicles, motorcycles and inoperable vehicles are not permitted to be parked outside of an enclosed garage. Recreational vehicles or boats have restrictions which allow them to be parked for two non-consecutive 24 hour periods during a seven-day period. Please refer to the Parking Rules below for specific information.

Questions? Contact Darci Cross at or 303-979-1876, ext. 109.

Signage Policies

KCRMA has established Signage Policies to maintain an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood while offering an opportunity for residents to advertise garage sales, use political signs, and advertise homes for sale/rent/open houses. Please view the Signage Policy for additional information.