History of Ken-Caryl Ranch

Ken-Caryl Ranch has a wealth of history. Artifacts from as early as 10,000 B.C. and remaining structures such as the Bradford Perley House paint a picture of our community through time.

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Historical Society, a committee of the Master Association, promotes awareness of and appreciation for the history of Ken-Caryl Ranch and strives to protect and preserve the historical and archaeological  sites on the Ranch while making them available to Ranch residents. Thanks to the Historical Society, there are several oral histories pertaining to Ken-Caryl Ranch archived on the Jeffco Library website.

The Historical Society encourages all interested residents to join and participate in its activities. For more information on joining the Historical Society, please contact Jim Antes at jandmantes@comcast.net or 303-993-6198. The Historical Society has compiled information on the history of the Ranch and its historic buildings.

Ken-Caryl Ranch
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