Documents & Policies

Ken-Caryl Ranch Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

Governing regulations for the administration and management of our community association. They were filed with the Colorado Secretary of State in 1978 and amended in 2000. The original copy is on file at Jefferson County.

Master Declaration

Defines our planned community by: defining land owned individually and by the community association; binding owners to each other and to the community association; establishing standards, restrictions and obligations; and creating a framework for operation and management.

Rules & Regulations

Architectural rules and guidelines intended to promote harmonious community living and enhance, preserve, maintain and protect property values and assets of the community.

Official Development Plan

The Official Development Plan for Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Metropolitan District Service Plan

The Service Plan for the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District.

Metropolitan District Policies

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Master Association Required Policies

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Ken-Caryl Ranch General Policies

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Supplemental Declarations of Ken-Caryl Ranch

Most neighborhoods on Ken-Caryl Ranch have supplemental declarations which apply to their individual communities. If you don’t know which neighborhood you live in, you can look it up by clicking on the Street and Neighborhood List button below. These documents may be more but not less restrictive than the Master Declaration. Following are supplemental declarations applicable only to the specified area:





For additional information about Master Association policies, please contact Darci Cross at or at 303-979-1876, ext. 109.

Community Planning

Community Center Lease Agreement

Please visit the Community Survey page for additional information on Community Planning and Community Surveys.

MA & MD Documents and Agreements

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Prior and Existing Adopted Plans

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Prior Studies and Facilities Research

Master Association Board Reference Documents

Governing Documents, Policies, Procedures, and Agreements

Cooperative Agreements

    Metropolitan District & Plains Metro District