Waste Connection Updates

Attention Ken-Caryl Ranch residents: Waste Connections will not be delivering recycling totes to residents who placed their orders online by the March 15 deadline today, April 25, through Saturday, April 27, due to a delay in the receipt the 64-gallon sized totes to Waste Connections from a third-party provider. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Due to this delay, ALL residents may continue to use their existing totes and bins while these new totes are in the process of being delivered. There will not be any disruptions to your pick-ups or service. Please note that residents will have their recycling picked up the week of April 29 as normal. Beginning the week of May 6, recycling collection services for Ken-Caryl Ranch residents will officially adhere to the bi-weekly schedule; there will be no recycling collection services this week. Recycling collection services will resume the week of May 13 and will continue to alternate.

The Master Association does not have a timeline as to when the totes ordered prior to the March 15 deadline will be delivered; however, as soon as we are apprised of the new delivery dates, this information will be posted to our website, included in the e-news, published in the Life at Ken-Caryl community newspaper and posted to our Facebook page – so please stay tuned!

Trash totes ordered online by the March 15 deadline, as well as trash and recycling bins ordered after the deadline, will be delivered at a later date and information regarding a delivery timeframe will be communicated to residents when this information becomes available.

All residents must have an approved 64 or 96-gallon recycling tote. You may place your order online at: https://ken-carylranch.org/waste-recycling-order-form-delivery-after-may-1/.

*Tote requirements are for recycling collection services only. Residents may use their current trash totes, cans or bins without any disruption to collection services.

Know before you throw… something away! Have a question about a particular item? Visit the Waste Connections’ online recycling tool! Enter the item type and see if it can be recycled or trashed!

Please reach out to Allison Rager at allisonr@kcranch.org with questions.