Committees & Task Force

Committees & Task Forces

Committees are an important part of the administration of the Master Association and Metropolitan District. Some are limited in the number of members; others are open to as many residents as are interested in volunteering. In addition, the Boards appoint a Task Force when they determine that a special topic warrants. A Committee is ongoing and serves to advise the Boards, and in specific tasks, act on behalf of the Boards. A Task Force is formed to work on a defined project. For the current schedule of committee and task force meetings, see the Community Calendar.

Apply to Volunteer on a Committee

Thank you for your interest in serving our community! All committees are Master Association committees with the exception of the Community Planning Committee, which is a joint committee of the Master Association and Metropolitan District. Committee descriptions are below.

Committee applications are due Nov. 19.

We are currently accepting applications for the Covenant Committee, Election Committee, Historical Society and Community Planning Committee.

All prospective new committee members must apply for membership using this form. Please contact victoriad@kcranch.org with any questions.

All applicants will be contacted via email by Dec. 22.


The Master Association Architectural Committee carries the responsibility of “how Ken-Caryl Ranch looks.” Everything from colors of exterior paint on individual homes to signage – and the myriad details in between – helps to create the community that we all call home. Members of the Committee are dedicated volunteers who are appointed by the KCRMA Board of Directors. To learn more about the Architectural Committee, see Article VIII of the Master Declaration. The Community Administrator is the staff liaison for this Committee. Meeting schedule – 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, 7:30 a.m. at the Ranch House.

For more information contact Victoria DeSair at 303-979-1876 ext. 122 or victoriad@kcranch.org.

Committee members:

  • Wade Cummings
  • Brian Daigle (Consultant)
  • Darby Heckel
  • Matt O’Brien
  • David Wray

Non-Voting Members:

  • Victoria DeSair (MA Staff Representative)
  • Chris Schroeder (MA Board Representative)
  • Brian Yowell (MA Staff Representative)

The Brannon Gearhart Park Task Force reviewed the current condition of Brannon Gearhart Park and made short- and long-term recommendations to the Master Association Board regarding the future of its infrastructure and amenities. The Task Force presented its findings at the Aug. 18, 2020 MA Board Meeting.

For questions, contact Victoria DeSair at victoriad@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 122.
Brannon Gearhart Park

This joint Master Association and Metropolitan District Committee assumed responsibility from the KC2020 Task Force for developing a long-range Community Master Plan, monitoring the implementation of the plan and ensuring regular updates at least annually. In 2021, the Committee will be working with a contractor to develop a community-wide survey to collect updated data about community demographics, preferred activities, and satisfaction level with our facilities, services, and amenities. Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis and will be listed on the Community Calendar.

For questions, contact Kristen Peterka at kristenp@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 122.

Committee members:

  • Chris Bolling
  • Chris Figge
  • John Hamilton
  • Meg Hollingsworth
  • Karen Lamar
  • Brian Lee
  • Benjamin Metzger
  • Michael Miro
  • Kristin Potts
  • Rilla Reinsma
  • John Rodell

Non-Voting Members:

  • Kayla Kirkpatrick (MD Board Representative)
  • Scotty Martin (MA Board Representative)
  • Kristen Peterka (MA Staff Representative)

The Community Collaboration Workgroup was formed to create financial stability for our community and to facilitate predictable delivery of goods and services to the Ken-Caryl Ranch community. The group takes direction from the community. The group is made up of two members of the Master Association Board, two members of the Metropolitan District Board, the Master Association Executive Director and the Metropolitan District Manager. See the presentation below for additional information.

KCR community

The Master Association Covenant Control Committee is established “To uphold the governing documents of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association and to ensure enforcement in a fair and timely manner.” Members of the Covenant Control Committee are dedicated homeowners living in various neighborhoods of Ken-Caryl Ranch and volunteering their time and energy. To accomplish this mission, the Covenant Control Committee conducts hearings with and for property owners who are not in compliance with the above. The Community Administrator is the staff liaison for this committee. Meeting schedule – 3rd Wednesday of each month, 4:30 p.m. at the Ranch House.

For questions, contact Victoria DeSair at victoriad@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 122.

Committee members:

  • Mary Francavilla
  • Joe Rubino
  • Cheryl Schaal
  • Bob Siegel
  • Jeff Storm

Non-Voting Members:

  • Victoria DeSair (MA Staff Representative)
  • Dave Seagraves (MA Board Representative)
  • Brian Yowell (MA Staff Representative)

The purpose of the Master Association Election Committee is to administer the annual election of the Master Association Board members.

Committee members:

  • Annette Chavez
  • Dianne Jones
  • Rita Saunders
  • Tom Bratschun (MA Board Representative, Non-Voting Member)
election committee

The 2018 Ken Caryl Equestrian Center Task Force (KCEC Task Force) was charged with reviewing the current policies and programs listed below and asked to develop recommendations for any updates that would be presented to the Master Association Board of Directors.


The Firewise Committee promotes wildfire awareness and encourages resident action to reduce community wildfire risk. The program capitalizes on a community’s spirit, its resolve, and its willingness to take responsibility for mitigating the risks of wildfire in Ken-Caryl. The Ken-Caryl Firewise Committee meets 4-6 times per year and participates in 2-4 events per year.

For more information, contact Victoria DeSair at victoriad@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876 ext. 122.

Committee members:

  • Karyn Abraham
  • John Fosholt
  • Daniel Hatlestad
  • Keith McMillan
  • Donovan Puffer
  • Todd Ruffner

Non-Voting Members:

  • Victoria DeSair (MA Staff Representative)

The purpose of the Historical Society is to promote awareness of and appreciation for the historical aspects of the Ranch. There are numerous sites located throughout the Ranch with historical significance that are available to the residents of the Ranch for use and enjoyment. The committee shall seek to protect and preserve the sites, as well as to make them more accessible and usable to the residents of the Ranch. Our website has a full section on the History of Ken-Caryl Ranch.  The Historical Society meets every other month on the second Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the Ranch House. See the Community Calendar for the meeting schedule.

If you are interested in joining the Historical Society, contact Jim Antes at jandmantes@comcast.net.

Committee members:

  • Jim Antes (Chair)
  • Mary Antes
  • Pat Badolato
  • Vinny Badolato
  • Stephanie Berg
  • Dottie Burdick
  • Lois Claggett
  • Dolores Ebner (Member Emerita)
  • Marilyn Elrod
  • Mary Everson
  • Guy Fasson
  • Lori Kraft
  • Steve Kraft
  • Ellen McClurkin
  • Leslie Miller
  • Marilyn Norris
  • Linda Omdahl
  • Elizabeth Pearson
  • Helen Peoples
  • Mark Rieger
  • Casey Sanders
  • Jane Saul
  • Valerie Walling
  • Jack Warner

Non-Voting Members:

  • Victoria DeSair (MA Staff Representative)
  • Scotty Martin (MA Board Representative)

The function of the Master Association Open Space Committee is to make recommendations to the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board of Directors for the management and maintenance of the over 4,800 acres of Open Space owned by the Master Association. Meeting schedule – 2nd Tuesday of each month, 6 p.m. at Dakota Lodge or virtual meetings. Please check the Community Calendar for specific meeting dates.

For questions or more information about the Open Space Committee,
contact Sean Warren at seanw@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 463.

Committee Members:

  • Gerald Bauer
  • Colin Crotty
  • Sean Devin (Secretary)
  • Brad Goulding (Vice Chair)
  • Jenny Kozlowski
  • Mariah Maifarth
  • Lauri Osborne (Chair)

Non-Voting Members:

  • Vinny Badolato, Historical Society Representative
  • Tom Bratschun, MA Board Representative
  • Tracy Soukup, Trail Club Representative
  • John Ostrom, MD Board Representative
  • Sean Warren, MA Open Space Manager