Equestrian Center

COVID-19 Update

Updated 3/16/2020

The Equestrian Center grounds are currently closed to all guests and visitors. Only staff, boarders and lessors are to be on equestrian center grounds at this time. Please refrain from bringing any guests or trailers to the center.

Our in-person summer camp registration has been cancelled. Registration will be online and will open to residents on April 2 and non-residents on April 9.  More information is available at the Summer Riding Camps page.

Thank you all for being diligent in the effort to keep everyone safe.

General Information

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Equestrian Center boarding and training facility is located in the foothills southwest of Denver. The scenic tranquility of the Ken-Caryl Valley, the nostalgic splendor of the facilities, along with the dedication of the staff make the Center one of the most picturesque and professionally operated equine facilities in the state. We offer two fully groomed outdoor arenas and a large indoor arena for the convenience of our boarders. Over 4,800 acres of native Colorado open space and several miles of trails to access it are open for Ken-Caryl Ranch riders. Visitors are welcome to walk through the Center and enjoy viewing the equestrian activities going on. Please do not feed the horses, as some are on a special diet. In addition to a variety of specified services available to resident patrons, we offer:

Equestrian Center Staff

Equestrian Center Manager: Sierra Pokorn, sierrap@kcranch.org or 303-979-4500
Riding School: eqschool@kcranch.org or 303-972-8456

Equestrian Task Force & Boarder Meeting Information

Meeting schedules are listed on the Community Calendar.

Equestrian Task Force 2018 Year-End Report Equestrian Task Force Minutes

Equestrian Center Boarder Meetings

Equestrian Center Documents

For additional information about the Equestrian Center, please review the following documents:

For more information regarding boarding, lessons, training, instruction, shows or clinics, please call 303-972-8456 or 303-979-4500. Write us at 14422 W. Ken-Caryl Avenue, Littleton, CO, 80127. E-mail us at eqschool@kcranch.org or fill out the Contact Us Form.

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