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2023 Open Space Volunteer Patroller Program!

Thank you for your interest in our Volunteer Patroller program. We are no longer accepting applications. Please feel free to check back with us next year.


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The 2023 Volunteer Patroller positions are open for applications through March 31st. The application process for new Volunteer Patrollers opens each year in February and applications are due in March.

The program started in 2012 with three volunteers. It has since grown to 28 volunteers in 2021 with over 600 hours volunteered on the trails!

The Volunteer Patrollers serve as an extension of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association’s Park Ranger Staff. Volunteer Patrollers provide visitor education on Open Space and Parks Rules, trail use guidelines, and basic first aid knowledge/care. Volunteer Patrollers strive to achieve and maintain a positive relationship with different user groups and present a professional image. Patrollers are expected to complete and submit an electronic patrol log on a timely basis and to report hours to the Ken-Caryl Trail Club. Patrollers are also expected to assist the KCRMA Rangers at educational events and on special patrols.

To be accepted into the program, you must be a Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association member in good standing and complete the online application at the button below. A short phone interview and a two to three-hour training in the month of April will complete the process. The date and time of the training will be determined based on the number of applications received.

Basic requirements are to perform at least 12 patrols per year either hiking or biking mainly from May through October, but one can also patrol outside of these months, too. Must be 25 years of age or older, be a resident in good standing in the community, supply their own cell phone, attend trainings, and be willing to make routine contacts checking residency and providing basic rules education. All patrollers that patrol on a mountain bike must have/own a mountain bike, a helmet and posses basic mountain biking skills.

Patrollers will receive all related training and will be supplied with an open space patrol vest, volunteer ID, first aid kit, and a packet with brochures, patrol log, and quick reference sheet. Training will include an introduction to ranger services, conflict management, emergency response, outdoor safety and resource protection. A mentored patrol with an experienced Volunteer Patroller is encouraged with all new volunteers and all patrollers, regardless of experience, are encouraged to participate in yearly trainings.

Following training completion, all patrollers must be capable of working independently with little or no supervision. Volunteers must possess the physical ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions in a variety of areas in Ken-Caryl’s open space. Patrollers are expected to make routine contacts to verify Ken-Caryl residency and to provide basic rules and education to trail/open space users.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Oven at or 720-512-3521. A background check will be completed on all applicants.
Protected Areas

Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space

2022 South Hogback Open Space Task Force Analysis

Metropolitan District Board created the South Hogback Open Space Task Force on March 22 of this year and engaged a group of residents in a process to determine the protection of the South Hogback Open Space. The task force’s efforts culminated in a presentation to the Metropolitan District Board during their Sept. 27 meeting. The South Hogback Open Space Task Force 2022 Analysis contains the group’s detailed recommendations for next steps, which includes the development of a land management plan and the development of a public education strategy. The report also contains historical information regarding the South Hogback Open Space, which will be further enhanced with next steps. To access this report, click on the button below.

If you have questions on the report or next steps, feel free to reach out to Metropolitan District Manager Traci Wieland at, or 303-979-1876, ext. 136.

Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space was set aside to protect the delicate wildflowers, breathtaking views and dramatic splendor of this historic Colorado homestead. The community has been planned and developed with a keen foresight and respect for nature so that residents can enjoy a recreational lifestyle in a naturally scenic environment. We are committed to managing Open Space resources in a manner that ensures its preservation and enjoyment.

If you need to contact the Ken-Caryl Ranch Park Rangers, please call 303-979-1876 ext. 170.

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Trail Club is a group of volunteers operating under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Master Association and a Joint Use Agreement with Willow Springs Open Space. Members of the Trail Club contribute 10+ hours of volunteer service annually and in exchange receive permission and an ID bracelet for hiking in private Open Space owned by Willow Springs. The Trail Club promotes stewardship, volunteerism and partnership with Willow Springs on Open Space issues. Trail Club volunteer projects, provided by the Ken-Caryl Ranch Rangers, primarily focus on improving and maintaining Ken-Caryl Ranch trails. Please see additional information about the Trail Club.

Trail Club Leadership
  • President – Lisa Schuth
  • Vice President – Gary Salter
  • Corresponding Secretary – Christina Brant
  • Membership Coordinator – Mike Garner –
  • Social/Special Projects Chair – Samantha Flint
  • Treasurer – Sean Lupien
  • OSC Liaison – Jim Poggemeyer
  • New Member Recruitment – Curtis Crites

Invasive weeds displace native species which are vital to the health of the ecosystems. While herbicides have a place in an integrated pest management plan, they are not enough. The Ken-Caryl Weed Warriors Club, led by resident and Master Gardener Dawn Hendry, is waging a campaign against these pesky predators by digging up and pulling invasive weeds in our open space. This club donates hundreds of hours each season to help protect Ken-Caryl’s open space from aggressive weeds.

All community members are welcome to tackle noxious weeds in our open space as a Weed Warrior! Under the guidance and direction of Ken-Caryl Ranger and Natural Resource Specialist Nick DeCarolis, Ken-Caryl’s Weed Warriors attend a specialized training on how to target mullein, Canada thistle, musk thistle and other invasives prior to volunteering as a Weed Warrior.

The Weed Warriors meet each season for a kick-off in the spring and volunteer on select days throughout the summer months beginning in May and running through July. Volunteers are asked to attend a training prior to volunteering, and to bring a pointed shovel, hat, gloves, high boots, sunscreen and water on volunteer days. Becoming a Weed Warrior is a great opportunity to help to keep our community healthy and beautiful! This is also a great opportunity for local Boy/Girl Scout troops or those looking for volunteer to make a difference in our community!

Please consider joining the Weed Warriors to help in their mission of keeping our precious grasslands healthy and beautiful!

For more information on the Weed Warriors, please click on the button below. For questions, or to join the Weed Warriors, please contact Dawn Hendry at or call 720-273-5998.

Weed Warrior Club Leadership

Dawn Hendry – Resident, Master Gardener
Phone: 720-273-5998


Each week of the summer the Volunteer Trail Coordinators provide an update on trail projects in Ken-Caryl Ranch. Please click on the button below to see the weekly update.