MA Request to Inspect Documents

MA Member Request to Inspect Documents

Please complete this form to request documents from the Master Association. The Access to Association Records policy (linked in the form below) provides a complete list of all policies that are available. The policy requires that all requests must be submitted to the Association’s Manager at least ten days prior to the planned inspection.

Please confirm, to the best of your knowledge, whether or not the records to be inspected are, or concern, any of the following (please mark ALL that apply):
In making this request for inspection, you agree that: 1. This request is made in good faith to ascertain the condition and affairs of the Association; 2. This request, and the records and information obtained, will not be used for any commercial purpose; 3. This request is not for any purpose prohibited by the Association’s current Access to Association Records policy.(Required)
To the best of your knowledge, this request: 1. does not violate a constitutional or statutory provision or public policy; 2. does not result in an invasion of personal privacy, breach of confidence or privileged information; 3. will not unreasonably interfere with or improperly disrupt the operation of the Association 4. does not include personnel, salary, or medical records relating to specific individuals; 5. does not request personal identification and account information of Members, including bank account information, telephone numbers, electronic mail addresses, driver’s license numbers, and social security numbers.(Required)
In making this request, you agree to pay the charges related to the production and reproduction of the requested records at the rate of $.25 per page together with any staff time required to scan and convert records to electronic form at the rate of $25.00 per hour, as well as any actual costs to obtain records or documents from off-site storage. You agree that an advance deposit against the charges may be required, and if any additional amounts are owed following the production and reproduction of records, you agree to pay the difference prior to delivery of the copies.(Required)
By signing this agreement, it is agreed that any email addresses that are included on the petitions will not be recorded or used by the requesting member.(Required)