2023 Master Association Board Election

On Monday, February 13, candidates participated in a virtual forum open to the public. Click on the button below to view a recording of the forum.

2023 Master Association Board Election: Meet the Candidates!

Virtually meet your 2023 MA Board candidates! Five residents submitted applications for two open seats on the Master Association Board, and you can now see their candidate profiles below!

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board election opens Feb. 15 and runs through March 7 at 5 p.m. Here’s how the election works:

  • Residents and businesses with an email address in our accounting system should receive an email from kcr@ivotehoa.com on Feb. 15 with voting instructions.
  • Those residents and businesses without an email in the system will be mailed a postcard on or after Feb. 15.
  • There is one ballot per household or business. If you own multiple properties, or are a business, you will only vote once, but your vote will be weighted.
  • The election will be done online, but paper ballots will be available at the Ranch House Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for those residents who do not wish to vote online. You will need a photo ID to vote with a paper ballot. Please note: The Ranch House is closed to the public on Fridays.
  • There are two open positions for the Board, so you will vote for two candidates.

Questions about the election? Contact Brian Yowell at briany@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 113.

Thank you for your participation in this important election process.

2023 Master Association Board Candidates
(in alphabetical order)

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James Fodor

General Information (Contact Info, Community Involvement, etc.)

Email: Candidate chose not to publish.
Phone: 303-903-5572
Community Area: Valley
Resident Since: 1983-1991 and 1995 to present.
Occupation: Retired Dentist, private practice, and Navy Supply Officer, USPHS Dentist, 26 years active duty

Community and/or Civic Organizations:

  • Honorary Life Member of the American Dental Association, the CDA and the MDDS
  • Disabled American Veterans, Commanders Club, Silver Leader
  • Military Officers Association of America (Life Member)
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Dentistry (3 years)
  • KIND, (Kids in Need of Dentistry), Volunteer Provider
  • AMSUS, (Active-Duty Member)
  • Board Member, KCR Subdivision, Architectural Chairperson
  • American Correctional Health Services Association
  • (On my own time I developed a Dental Assistant Vocational Training program that was certified by the Department of Labor and used nationwide by the Federal Government)

Hobbies: Sports and accepting challenges shaped my life. I fell off my mountain bike for the last time. With a service-connected disability, my physical activity is now limited to weight training, hiking and road bicycling. In the Navy, I was stationed in the Caribbean for three years. We still enjoy snorkeling when on vacation.

Why have you declared your candidacy for the Board of Directors?

Karen and I are long-time residents of Ken-Caryl Ranch. We share with you a common desire to preserve the history, the amenities, the property values, the environment and the aesthetics of this community. Has the distribution of the money always been wise or equitable? This is an important time, and perhaps a critical time, in Ken-Caryl history. There is a difference in philosophy concerning the future use of the Foothills and Hogback Open Space. Should the total area be made available for sports or should a slice of it be limited to pedestrian and equestrian access? Presently, there is only one sport in question and that is mountain biking. This is a great sport and there is a high level of enthusiasm by the participants. It seems fair if 1,000 acres of Foothills Open Space is set aside for hikers and equestrians exclusively as a safe zone and then approximately 2,000 acres is still available for mountain biker use.

KCR is a great community, but not yet perfect. Here are a few ideas for consideration:

  • Find incentives to enhance resident attendance at meetings (Alter the protocol).
  • Protect property values (Do not harm small communities for the ‘greater good’).
  • Respect the open space (Keep the human footprint to a reasonable minimum).
  • Honor your privilege to serve (Be respectful to residents at meetings and in public).
  • Transparency (This needs improvement. Residents have a right to know).
  • Safety (Much has been done; there is more work to do).
  • Fiduciary responsibility (Fair and equitable distribution of funds).  Finally, the Plains subdivisions are getting a little love.

Karen and I are proud to live here. The community spirit has always been exceptional. A much larger percentage of residents volunteer, vote and participate in the surveys than in other communities.

What skills or qualifications do you bring as assets to the KCRMA Board of Directors?

Prior to dental school, my career began as a U.S. Navy Supply Corps Officer, Ensign (0-1). After dental school, I served in the U.S. Public Health Service Dental Corps and retired as a Director Grade, Captain (0-6). As Supply Department Head on our ship, my responsibilities were all related to running the business of the ship: procurement, accounting, budgeting, providing services and paying the crew. My undergraduate business degree was in management and economics. The responsibilities were similarly business-related at two other duty stations. There was an early promotion from 0-2 to 0-3. A seven-year Supply Corps tour was completed as Executive Officer at a foreign shore duty station and then I entered dental school. To keep things from getting boring in the Navy, I volunteered for unrelated collateral duties requiring high security clearances and specialized training. The Navy also provided an education in petroleum and airport inspection, and I traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and South America during the last three years. In the USPHS, there were three duty stations, and the positions were: Chief Dental Officer, Chief of Health Programs supervising two MD’s and a full staff, and Regional Dental Consultant. As a regional consultant, the duties were to provide business guidance and leadership to twelve regional clinics with a budget equivalent to the MA. Final retirement came after 14 years working in private practice. The 25 years in the uniformed services provided leadership opportunities and recognition for achievements. While on active duty, I was awarded the Hazardous Duty Ribbon, the Commendation Medal (twice), the PHS Citation and the Outstanding Service Medal, among others.

On which committee(s) do you wish to serve as a liaison? Why?

A board liaison’s responsibility is to listen carefully and to summarize accurately the information learned. For an effective process, each committee must have representation for a balanced viewpoint on major controversial issues. With two committees, there is a definite need for balance. One KCR unique feature is undergoing systematic change, and it is not good. The two committees directly involved are: the Open Space Committee and the Community Planning Committee. These are the two I am most familiar with and would prefer to be liaison.

  • This unique feature distinguishes Ken-Caryl from other communities.
  • It was identified as ‘most valued’ on the survey.
  • It is our precious and actually delicate open space.

You do not have to live near the open space or use the open space, but the fact that you live in Ken-Caryl and have access to the foothills and hogbacks increases the value of your property. No single sport or minority activity should be able to alter this fragile amenity or cause disruption of the ecological balance over the entire extent of the Foothills Open Space. A safe zone, Conservation Area makes economic sense.

  • The Community Planning Committee develops the important KCR Survey Questions.
  • These should be written so the responses don’t have to be interpreted.
  • There has been improvement, but the problem still exists.
  • It would be better to actually interview prospective committee members so balance can be achieved.

There were three known conservation-minded residents who applied, but were not accepted to the Open Space Committee. This committee recently approved the Stove Prairie Reroute, but the Board did not, and this Committee unanimously approved the memorial stones for the open space. I feel both committees need refreshed, conservation-minded balance.

What do you see as the major issues facing the KCR community over the next three years, and how would you deal with those issues as a Board member?

There have been positive accomplishments as a result of Master Association Board action. Good work is in progress; however, other areas need attention.

  • Fire mitigation and the danger of wildfire has been addressed very well. This effort needs to be continued. Use the same page in the Life at Ken-Caryl newspaper for regular updates and a map with a brief evacuation plan could appear semiannually. Residents should be encouraged to be compliant, but that should be an individual responsibility.
  • The Plains portion of Ken-Caryl is finally getting a more equitable distribution of the revenue. That needs to continue. Help for fences and a more aesthetic Community Park is anticipated.
  • Safety is something I have addressed for years. The concept of having an incident report icon on the Ken-Caryl webpage would enable ‘real time’ reporting. Choose to use your smartphone or a paper form.
  • The new NADG residents and the rest of us will be paying taxes and dues. If any of our amenities become overcrowded, then find ways to reduce non-resident usage.
  • In all other quality communities, the major roadways look impeccable with well-kept trees and shrubs. All of our parks could use more screening vegetation and trees to improve aesthetics.
  • It will be worth saving a portion of our open space as the KCR Conservation Area with trails for hikers and equestrians exclusively. The land south of Massey Draw is ideal. Other communities are ahead of us.
  • Encourage attendance at meetings. The MA Board decided not to allow 3 minutes for resident comments on agenda items that did not require a motion. Come on now, let residents speak.
  • Traffic and speeding are still a problem. Some of JeffCo’s solutions do not meet expectations. We need better coordination.

What is your vision for the future of Ken-Caryl Ranch?

Obviously, this is a proud community. There are so many residents who participate in the election of board members and there are two elections a year. This is an important election. The Community Survey identified the open space as the most valued amenity. The decisions board member candidates actually make after being elected are not always clearly identified in their resumes. You know that I will give conservation of open space the highest priority along with a fiduciary responsibility of carefully managing your money. This was my job in the Navy.

  • I feel that the two biological surveys have correctly identified the area for a Potential Conservation Area.
  • It should have a parking lot near the trail so all residents will have access.
  • It must be of adequate size.
  • Ideally, it needs to be the habitat for a significantly important wildlife population.
  • There should be convenient sites for casual observation.
  • There should be a trail system that is comfortable and efficiently designed for hikers.

All Federal lands that come under the Wilderness Act of 1964 do not permit mechanical means of transportation on the dirt trails and specifically do not permit bicycles. Hikers and equestrians are allowed on the trails. This law has withstood the test of time by successfully preserving the ecosystems and wildlife habitats. More areas in Colorado are adopting these rules to preserve some of the parks. My vision is a hope that the Master Association Board follows the will of the residents as expressed through the survey and not favor their personal preference. A Conservation Area had a survey acceptance of 52% and new trails as 45%. Why not have both? Ken-Caryl is falling behind.

What is your philosophy toward Ken-Caryl Ranch amenities and spending money on those amenities?

For all board members, the fiduciary responsibility in providing and maintaining valued amenities is a priority. Quality amenities enable Ken-Caryl to compete with other communities as a preferred place to live. This raises property values. Ken-Caryl must be judicious with spending because there are only 4,400 residences in this relatively small community compared with neighboring Highlands Ranch, Lakewood and others.

  • Carefully monitoring the costs associated with maintenance is paramount. Keeping good maintenance records needs to be emphasized and monitored.
  • Amenities and organized activities bring residents together, enables new friendships and raises the spirit of the community.
  • All major procurement requires professional advice and adequate professional bids.
  • Community Park is getting a facelift. The park needs to be kept as a day-time park in consideration of those who live nearby. Sangre De Cristo needs a facelift too, on both sides of the street.
  • As adults, there is a collective responsibility to develop the children athletically and educationally. They are the future, and the country will be stronger.
    We need ways to get the residents, small businesses, and our prominent large corporations together with cooperation and common interest endeavors.
  • One idea is to form a Ken-Caryl Conservancy. The objective would be to study, collect information, and find ways to preserve the uniqueness and history of this special place.
  • One day we may be able to bring it all together in a pictorial book form (Something we could all be proud to have on our bookshelves)
  • Someday the Docmann Gulch will come to life again, as hikers observe from a distance, and it will become a favorite place for everyone to visit on foot or on horseback.

Michael Phipps

General Information (Contact Info, Community Involvement, etc.)

Email: Mjphippsdenver@gmail.com
Phone: (650) 267-4635
Community Area: Plains
Resident Since: 2021
Occupation: Engineer
Community and/or Civic Organizations: : I currently serve as an Engineer Specialist within the Data Analytics and IT Systems management community.

Hobbies: For any adventurous person, over their lifetime many hobbies become entertaining. For me, I currently have interest in historical heritage education, genealogy, data analytics and small game hunting. My past interests have included beer brewing, oil painting portraiture, photography, boating, fishing and aviation. I’ve also spent time over the years contributing to child education in arts and sciences as well as charities such as the Humane Society.

Why have you declared your candidacy for the Board of Directors?

I wish to benefit the community with my experience and better my neighborhood for our children.

What skills or qualifications do you bring as assets to the KCRMA Board of Directors?

I have over a decade of small and mid-size business operations management, including some years advising enterprise-level stakeholders that has provided me with various experiences, skills in negotiation, communication, understanding compliance requirements and comprehension of data to make informed decisions.

On which committee(s) do you wish to serve as a liaison? Why?

I am interested in Architectural and Historical Society Committee liaisons since they align with both my passions and my experiences professionally.

What do you see as the major issues facing the KCR community over the next three years, and how would you deal with those issues as a Board member?

Major issues for the community in the near and long-term will be the management of the impending development and population growth in our community. Maintaining the lifestyle that both meets our expectations to live as we choose, and keeps our kids safe, will be prudent.

What is your vision for the future of Ken-Caryl Ranch?

Our vision should be maintaining the heritage and ecosystem of our community in a safe and sustainable way forward.

What is your philosophy toward Ken-Caryl Ranch amenities and spending money on those amenities?

Amenities funding needs to be secured in a way that financial expenditure is ensured to be available as a resource for the members of the community and not exhausted unnecessarily from unplanned occurrences or poor planning.

Rilla Reinsma

General Information (Contact Info, Community Involvement, etc.)

Email: outdoorenth@gmail.com
Phone: Candidate chose not to publish.
Community Area: Valley
Resident Since: 1992
Occupation: Retired
Community and/or Civic Organizations: Community Planning Committee, Whiz Kids Tutoring, Love INC/IMPACT

Hobbies: Baking, cross stitch, reading, genealogy, USA history books, travelling, word search puzzles, hiking/walking, watching classic TV shows and movies, soccer fan, yard mowing

Why have you declared your candidacy for the Board of Directors?

As a long-time resident of KCR, I have seen the community change and grow in many ways. While we have added more residents, amenities and trails, we have also seen a decline in the diversity and quantity of wildlife in the area.

In the past six years, I have been actively involved in attending meetings of the MA, MD, and Open Space Committee, and have accumulated a significant amount of information in the form of agendas, minutes and legal documents. I have also been serving on the Community Planning Committee (CPC) since 2017.

I am particularly concerned about the lack of balance on the Board, which has been male-dominated for most of the 30 years that I have lived here. It is important the Board reflects the diversity of the community, including a balance of genders.

I am passionate about the need for compromise on open space issues. The results of the last three community surveys have shown that residents are divided on various open space issues, with both sides using the survey results to support their point of view. However, it is not appropriate to completely ignore the views of the minority just because one group perceives that it has a small majority. We need to find solutions that balance the needs of all residents and the wildlife. Open Space has an intrinsic value and makes KCR unique among Denver suburbs.

I support the ongoing efforts of perimeter fencing and to improve the Equestrian Center as a valuable asset of the community. Other important issues include conservation areas in open space, nighttime and seasonal closures for the well-being of wildlife, and finding a way for hikers and equestrians to use the trails safely.

I believe that diversity and compromise are crucial for the well-being and sustainability of KCR.

What skills or qualifications do you bring as assets to the KCRMA Board of Directors?

As a 30-year resident, I am committed to my community and have demonstrated this through my active participation in local meetings and committees, including the MA, MD, and Open Space Committee, where I have attended over 95% of the meetings for the past 6 years and served as a member of the CPC for 6 years. I have frequently contributed to the various topics of discussion at the Open Space Committee meetings and board meetings, hopefully giving the perspective of the KCR community, or at the very least, a different angle from which is being verbalized in meetings. The contributions I bring forward in meetings are being drawn from governing documents and the results of the last couple community surveys as well as discussion with my fellow neighbors and friends that live in KCR. Additionally, I have shown my dedication to my community through my engagement in various volunteer efforts such as managing competitive soccer teams for my sons, recording statistics for their high school soccer team, managing and working in concession stands for a non-profit organization, and tutoring in reading and math to support the education of local youth. I have also made time for spending time with my family, from raising my two sons, to walking and hiking with my dog on both paved and backcountry trails, and even providing childcare for other families. I have a deep sense of community and family values that drives me to constantly look for ways to give back and make a positive impact on those around me.

On which committee(s) do you wish to serve as a liaison? Why?

I believe that my extensive experience serving on the Community Planning Committee (CPC) for 6 years has provided me with a deep understanding of the needs and desires of our community. It is difficult, to say the least, to get a survey written that encompasses all of the concerns of the community. This can also make interpreting the answers challenging. The open-ended questions have also been informative to study and read on topics that may not have had a question in the survey. I am committed to ensuring that the results of the Community Surveys are taken into account when setting budget priorities and making decisions that affect the residents of KCR.

I would also like to be on the Open Space Committee. I have always enjoyed being outdoors, growing up here in Colorado, hiking and exploring many different parts of the state. Being a KCR resident for the last 30 years, and having open space and wildlife right here in my backyard, it is important that this committee serves the entire KCR community and future generations to enjoy trails, open space and viewing our wildlife.

I understand the importance of being fiscally responsible with the monies given by our residents and I am dedicated to fulfilling resident wishes as best we can. I believe that my experience and dedication make me the ideal candidate to serve as a liaison between the CPC or the Open Space Committee and the MA Board, so that the community’s voices are heard and acted upon.

What do you see as the major issues facing the KCR community over the next three years, and how would you deal with those issues as a Board member?

It is crucial for the health and well-being of our community that we are fiscally responsible with the monies received and make informed decisions on how to allocate them. Not only is this important for the financial stability of the community, but it also ensures that our resources are being used in the most effective way to benefit all residents.

Protecting open spaces for wildlife is essential for preserving the biodiversity and ecological balance of our community. These spaces provide crucial habitats for a variety of species, and their preservation is necessary for the survival and thriving of these animals. Additionally, preserving open spaces also provides residents with a chance to connect with nature, which has been shown to have numerous benefits for mental and physical health.

Being Firewise is of the utmost importance for the safety and security of our community. While fires are a natural part of the ecosystem, human-caused fires can be devastating and have severe consequences. By being Firewise and considering the impact on wildlife habitat and food sources, we can reduce the risk of fires and protect our community and its natural resources.

Lastly, addressing issues of vandalism, crime and trespassing by non-residents is essential for maintaining the safety and security of our neighborhoods. These issues not only affect the physical well-being of our community, but also the emotional and mental well-being of residents. By being vigilant and proactive in addressing these issues, we can ensure that our community remains a safe and secure place for all residents to call home.

What is your vision for the future of Ken-Caryl Ranch?

My vision for Ken-Caryl Ranch (KCR) is to once again make it a representation of “True Colorado Living.” This means embracing the unique history and geological features of the area and using the diverse expertise and perspectives of the community to improve upon and protect these resources. I believe that by re-reading the community surveys and actively involving a variety of the residents in decision-making through committees, we can ensure that the priorities of the community are being met.

The aesthetics of our community have been a source of pride and embarrassment over the last 30 years. Perimeter fencing and the lack of consistency of its looks, and just being in disrepair, has been an issue for over 20 years. Thankfully, this is now a priority for the community and a task force has undertaken this and is solving its problems. Fencing is not something that will change overnight (it will take many years), but it is off to a good start and the finished product will be something all of KCR will benefit from. Watering of our greenbelts is also an ongoing problem, but keeping our sprinkler systems in good repair and good fertilizer will keep the grass looking lush. Our trees along greenbelts and in our parks are also now being trimmed and replaced, if necessary, again keeping the aesthetics of our community looking their best.

What makes KCR special is its wealth of natural beauty, historical significance and diversity of expertise within the community. By tapping into these resources and fostering a culture of compromise and collaboration, we can create a truly unique and exceptional community that represents the essence of “True Colorado Living.”

What is your philosophy toward Ken-Caryl Ranch amenities and spending money on those amenities?

My philosophy toward Ken-Caryl Ranch amenities is that they should bring value to the majority of residents, and not just a small portion of the community. We need to be financially responsible in how we maintain and improve these amenities. The opinions of residents should be taken into consideration when deciding on how to spend money on amenities, and if a majority of residents do not want funds to be spent on a specific amenity, that should be respected.

KCR has so much history. From the Mastodon bone that was found a number of years ago, to the Indian artifacts that have been found, to the old wagon trails giving access to the mountains from here, to all the rare flora, fauna, and diverse wildlife that are in the Dakota Hogback and foothills, there is a need to preserve all this for future generations here in KCR and Colorado. These are things that are irreplaceable, and I hope that many people, old and young, get to enjoy all that KCR has to offer.

KCR also has a lot to offer in the way of activities: tennis, swimming, hiking, equestrian, cycling, fitness classes and team sports at our Community Park. These all bring value to the community and need to be kept in tip-top shape and prioritized as to their needs.

The Board should also strive to ensure that the money spent on amenities bring value to the community as a whole and increases the overall value of the area. The uniqueness of KCR should also be taken into account and the Board should be accountable to the residents in all areas of spending, to ensure that the community’s money is being used in the best interest of the majority of residents.

Chris Schroeder

General Information (Contact Info, Community Involvement, etc.)

Email: cschroeder@bcer.com
Phone: (303) 718-2772
Community Area: Plains
Resident Since: 1998
Occupation: Engineer

Community and/or Civic Organizations:

  • The following is a list of community, civic, offices, and/or clubs for which I have served:
    1992 –Regimental Honor Board Vice Chairman at the United States Merchant Marine Academy
    1996- 1997 – Volunteer Coach for Arvada Eagles Soccer Association
    2004 – Served as the Secretary/Treasurer for a successful State Senate campaign
    2005 – While serving as the Secretary/Treasurer took on the additional role of Campaign Manager
    2006 – Served as the Vice Chair for State Senate District 22 Vacancy Board
    2008 – Served 3 years on the Advisory Board for ARC (Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center)
    2010 – Volunteer Coach for Foothills Bible Church Soccer program
    2016 – Served on Board of Advisors for a 100-person engineering firm
    2017 – Served on the Downtown Chapter Advisory Board for the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum
    2019 – 2020 Volunteer Coach for Chatfield Wrestling Team
    2021 – Present Volunteer Coach for Mountain Bike TeamVolunteer Organizations:
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Food Bank of the Rockies
    • Denver Rescue Mission
    • Ken-Caryl Master Association
    2020- Present Served as a Board Member on the Ken-Caryl Master Association
    2021- Present Served as the Vice President of the BoardDuring MA Board, I served as liaison on the following KCRMA Committees:
    • Firewise
    • Covenant
    • Architectural

Hobbies: Woodworking, chess, skiing, hiking, cycling, wrestling and golf

Why have you declared your candidacy for the Board of Directors?

In 2020, there were three main reasons I decided to run for the MA Board: continued fiscal stewardship, give back to the community and representation for the Ranch/Plains.

Coming into this position, I did not fully understand the challenges, but not many first-year candidates truly can. I understood “fiscal stewardship” was a large challenging issue and that is why I stated my purpose as “continued.” We were forced to make challenging decisions during my three years and nearly every decision had a substantial fiscal impact. I voted no on the recent dues increase decision not necessarily because we did not need the increase (we do), but because I believed the money should have been allocated heavier on the Firewise, life safety, and security of the community. Fences are extremely important and a very challenging issue, I just could not vote for fences over safety. With that said, I am fully confident the 2023 Board and current staff will find creative ways to address both issues and set a future course that is clear and fiscally responsible.

To address giving back to the community. The residents should understand the 3-5 hours they may see/hear during the monthly MA meeting and the 2-3 +/- hours for committee liaison work is only the tip of the spear. We as a board log countless hours researching, reviewing and preparing for issues that face this community. Many on the Board in the last year have stated, rightfully so, that this is closer to 10-15 hours a week. I am proud to serve with all current board members as this is more than any of us anticipated. But, speaking for myself, this is a wonderful community that provides for me, and my family, and my time and service is the least I can offer in return.

Finally, I’ve been a resident of the Plains for 25 years. I believe during my time on the Board I have spoken up when I felt influence was skewed toward the Valley. There are many improvements happening on the Ranch and in the Valley, and I believe the balance and focus is appropriate. I will continue to advocate when appropriate but still use sound judgement for issues with the Valley.

What skills or qualifications do you bring as assets to the KCRMA Board of Directors?

In addition to being an owner and executive of a 100-person engineering firm and having served on multiple boards, I bring three solid years of engagement in very complex KCRMA issues. I will ensure a continuation of fiscal accountability and responsible stewardship of our community resources towards our safety and security. The skills I believe I have demonstrated over the three years include: Rational, Balanced Judgement, Critical Thinking, Project and Resource Management, Contract Negotiations, Strategic Short- and Long-Term Planning, Leadership, and Holistic and Conceptual Thinking.

Also, I’ve been a resident of the Plains 25 years. I believe during my time on the Board I have spoken up when I felt influence was skewed toward the Valley. There are many improvements happening on the Ranch and in the Valley, and I believe the balance and focus is appropriate. I will continue to advocate when appropriate, but still use sound judgement for issues with the Valley.

On which committee(s) do you wish to serve as a liaison? Why?

I have served as the liaison to the Architectural Committee since day one and would be honored to continue in that role for future years. I deeply respect the committee and the members. They are truly vested in this community and every decision is thoroughly vetted with the filter of community first. I also currently serve as liaison to the Firewise Committee and believe this is another incredible committee. The obvious challenges of a wildfire ravaging our entire community, east and west of the hogback is real. I researched training, certifications, and consultants that could support KCRMA in Firewise solutions and support. Unfortunately, there is not a long list of consulting firms out there, but I did find certification programs that could train and certify our own ranger staff, making them the experts. I pointed our Executive Director and our Open Space Manager in that direction, and we initiated training for our staff to be an example for neighbor communities.

What do you see as the major issues facing the KCR community over the next three years, and how would you deal with those issues as a Board member?

During my initial candidacy, I acknowledged aging infrastructure as the main major issue. Although that is still a significant issue, (irrigation, fences, buildings) we are in a new realization after the Marshall Fire and the three recent fires we experienced in our own community in the last two years. And we experienced a pandemic that shifted how the MA and the MD operated. We as boards (MA and MD), worked together to ensure operations, services and fiscal viability were not compromised, and in large they were not. The next board will be faced with these continued challenges and must balance limited resources and finances to ensure continued success.

An additional issue facing the Board, Architectural Committee and the residents is the construction of new residences in our community. The NADG is developing large parcels of undeveloped land in KCR. The Board and the Architectural Committee are working very hard to ensure they are following our neighborhood rules and regulations. This must continue, not just throughout the planning phases, but through construction and adoption of the new residents.

What is your vision for the future of Ken-Caryl Ranch?

I stated before that I would love to see future generations say, “Ken-Caryl is where I want to live and raise my family.” That is still true. I also stated that to achieve this we must follow two tenets: continuation and conservation. That also is still true. Continuation of our values and the conservation of our resources. We must continue to value our assets and invest in them. This also means to continue to create new assets that meet the changing needs of the community. The second tenet is conservation. Conservation is the planned management of our community overall. This refers to our infrastructure, open space, water, developed and undeveloped land, structures, staff. We must work into our plan awareness of renewable resources and apply them when financially viable.

What is your philosophy toward Ken-Caryl Ranch amenities and spending money on those amenities?

I value our amenities. I believe our amenities are amazing assets and we must spend our money frugally, but appropriately on those assets. You can quickly identify one’s values by looking at where they spend their money. As a steward of finances, I’d say we must prioritize and spend our money prudently on our values. Secondly, the Board has a fiduciary responsibility to the community. Board members must act in good faith and candor in their duty to represent the Ken-Caryl community in all transactions. By this I mean we must not exceed our resources. I believe I have voted in accordance with this belief over the past three years. I will continue to vote with this principal for the next three if re-elected.

Debbie Seagraves

General Information (Contact Info, Community Involvement, etc.)

Email: debseagraves88@gmail.com
Phone: (303) 507-3991
Community Area: Valley
Resident Since: 1986
Occupation: Retired

Community and/or Civic Organizations:

  • Waterside West Condominiums, Fraser Colorado, HOA Board of Directors – Board Member 2019 – 2020 President 2020 – 2022
  • Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scout Pack 742 and Boy Scout Troop 686 – 1995 – 2017, Den Leader, Den Leader Coach, Training Coordinator, Committee Chairperson, Merit Badge Counselor, Treasurer
  • Chatfield High School – Member of the Soccer and Basketball Booster clubs supporting fundraisers as well as the Chatfield Thespians 2008 – 2014
  • Winter Park Ski Resort – Volunteer Host – 2019 – Present
  • LOW Catholic Church Funeral Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Eucharistic Ministry, Liturgical Ministry – 1995 – present
  • LOW Catholic Church Youth Group – Meal Coordinator 2004 – 2009
  • LOW Catholic Church Religious Education Teacher 1998 – 2003

Hobbies: I am so proud to have been a wife and partner to a wonderful man and to be a mother of three wonderful sons as well as an amazing daughter-in-law and a grandmother to a precious little boy. Some of my favorite things to do are hanging out with my family, going to sporting events, playing games, celebrating holidays and birthdays, getting together for a backyard BBQ, or just enjoying each other’s company. I enjoy traveling, skiing, golfing and  hiking as well as attending professional sporting events. I have Broncos season tickets and also enjoy attending Nuggets, Avalanche and Rockies games when I can.

Why have you declared your candidacy for the Board of Directors?

My husband and I first came out to the Ken-Caryl area in May 1986, one month after we were married, in search of our forever home. The minute we drove into the Valley, we fell in love. We moved in on Halloween day that same year, raised our three sons, and never planned to move. We moved here because of the natural beauty of the area and the open space, and stayed because of our neighbors and the realization of what an extraordinary community this is to raise our family.

I believe giving back to the community is something that we all must do and there are many ways to accomplish that. For me, one way is to become a board member where I can contribute and give back to this community as it has given so much to me and my family. It is the people that make this community so special, and I want to have a significant role in representing this community so that it continues to be an extraordinary place for future generations.

What skills or qualifications do you bring as assets to the KCRMA Board of Directors?

I have served this community primarily volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America in many different capacities for over 20 years. My husband, David Seagraves, and all three of my sons are Eagle Scouts. I am sure many of you know me through this organization and it was something that I enjoyed doing with my family and all the scouts and families that we have gotten to know throughout the years. My husband passed away November of 2021 and we shared a passion of serving our community, which we both did over the years in many different capacities. I want to continue serving our community and maintain the legacy this community has and will have in the future.

Recently I served three years on the HOA Board for the Waterside West Condominiums in Fraser, Colorado. For two of those years, I served as President. One of my biggest accomplishments was leading the effort to create a RFP to find a new property management company, interviewing prospective companies, selecting the finalists and negotiating the contract. The Board received a lot of gratitude and praise from the homeowners.

I currently am retired after spending 37 years at a telephone company (Century Link, now Lumen) with the last 27 years being in IT. I managed a global workforce of over 400 employees and managed budgets upwards of $40M. I negotiated contracts for labor resources, software, hardware, product delivery and outsourcing of work. The last four years of my career were as an IT consultant with IBM as a Project Delivery Executive managing software delivery and IT Operations.

One of the Board’s primary responsibilities is to be a good fiscal steward. I am a data-driven decision maker and I believe my experience over the years will be beneficial in serving the community.

On which committee(s) do you wish to serve as a liaison? Why?

Overseeing the community to ensure it is properly maintained and continues to be a beautiful place to live is a primary responsibility of the Covenant Control Committee. This can be a very challenging responsibility and is very important to continuing to make this community an extraordinary place to live. While serving as a board member on the Waterside West Condominiums HOA, I learned firsthand what it takes to enforce the covenants and policies as we did not have a separate covenants committee to perform this function. The Board, with the support of the property management company, was responsible for this activity.

The Historical Society is also a very important committee to our community. Preserving the history of our community is critical for current and future generations. Knowing about the natural history and those that came before us help us to better understand the area we live in. It is critical for planning the future and preserving the past.

I would be interested in either of these two committees, but would also welcome being a liaison for any of the committees.

What do you see as the major issues facing the KCR community over the next three years, and how would you deal with those issues as a Board member?

One of the most significant issues facing this community are the two new neighborhoods that will be developed over the next 2–3 years. As these homeowners become members of our community, it will be important to ensure our amenities can continue to serve our community. It will be critical to understand how we operate in the future and make decisions to maintain the beautiful place we live and ensure that the amenities we have, or future amenities we need to develop, continue to serve our community. We have many valuable community assets that entice people to live here, and I will do all I can to ensure these assets continue to serve this community.

Another significant issue is that of trails versus conservation. This is a polarizing issue for our community, and we must, as a community, figure out a way to come to harmony on these issues. I don’t have a solution, but I will do my best to listen to both sides of the issue and work to bring the community together.

I have spent many hours with my husband and my children on the trails. I have hiked all the trails including the Docmann Trail as well as the Lost Canyon and Shaffer Trails. These trails are primarily used by mountain bikers, and you typically don’t see a lot of hikers due to the distance and amount of time it takes to get there and back. Our trails are not overcrowded and this point, as well as many others, should be taken very seriously when considering additional trail construction.

I will work, to the best of my abilities, to represent this community and be fiscally responsible as we move forward to find solutions that meet the needs and desires of our community and bring us together.

What is your vision for the future of Ken-Caryl Ranch?

The Ken-Caryl Master Association was established in April 1974 and in 2024, will celebrate its 50-year anniversary. By 1977, 150 families lived in Ken-Caryl. We have a great legacy!

The quality of life in this community is extraordinary. We need to focus on decisions that continue to make this community extraordinary, a great place to live and raise our families, maintain our property values, and continue to be a place where people want to live and play.
As you can only imagine, our community has turned over many times in the last 40+ years and we have many generations of families living here. We need to be able to serve all community members, grandparents and new families alike, tennis players, equestrians, swimmers, mountain bikers, hikers, etc…

I love this community and want to serve in a capacity where I can make a difference. I believe I am a person of high moral standard and integrity. If you don’t know me, please ask those that do, and I believe they would say the same. My only agenda is to listen to community members and make decisions that continue to make Ken-Caryl Ranch an extraordinary place to live and I appreciate your consideration to vote for me.

What is your philosophy toward Ken-Caryl Ranch amenities and spending money on those amenities?

When it comes to managing our amenities and spending money on these amenities, it is critical and important to listen to all community members. We must listen to the ideas our residents bring forward on how to best to serve them. Our activities should be fairly and competitively priced compared to activities outside our community. We need to be fiscally responsible to ensure we are serving our community in the best way, and that our residents should have the first option to enjoy the amenities over those living outside our community.