Letter to the Editor

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED from any Ken-Caryl resident in good standing or from any elected official or political candidate. Letters should be concise — no letters over 350 words—and must be received by the published deadline date and time. Deadline dates and times can be found at www.ken-carylranch.org.

The preferred method for submitting letters to the editor is by email to Allison Hefner at allisonh@kcranch.org, but they may be mailed or hand-delivered to the Ranch House, Attn: Allison Hefner, 7676 S. Continental Divide Road, Littleton, CO 80127. A response will be sent via email when a letter or article is received. If you do not receive a response, call 303-979-1876, ext. 108, to confirm receipt.

We do not print anonymous letters. Letters must include name, address and phone number (daytime), but only the author’s name and “Ken-Caryl Resident” or applicable government office will be printed in the paper. Residents may submit up to eight letters to the editor per calendar year. More than one letter per resident may be published in a single issue of the paper provided that the letters are not about the same subject. Letters will be printed on a space available basis and may be edited. Editor retains right to appropriateness and content. Letters will be published with plain text; use of all caps, italics, bold or excessive exclamation points will not be allowed.

Published letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Master Association, its directors, officers, employees, agents, staff, Life at Ken-Caryl or its editor. Neither the editor nor the Master Association accepts any responsibility for the content of these letters. Writers accept full responsibility for their written word. Letters should comply with acceptable standards for courtesy and respect.

1. Letters considered by the Editor to be inappropriate due to content, subject matter, language, etc. will be reviewed by the Master Association Board President or other Board members, may not be printed and, if not printed, a letter explaining why will be sent to the author.

2. Letters considered “questionable” by staff will be reviewed by the Master Association Board President or other Board members and a determination as to: 1) print the letter; 2) provide a note for clarification or comment; or 3) ask resident to reword the letter and resubmit. “Questionable” letters are defined as follows:
a. Letters which could be considered defamation, per the definition in Colorado state law.
b. Letters which appear to be disputes between neighbors.
c. Any other letter staff deems questionable.
d. KCRMA reserves the right to not print a given letter.

3. Should space be limited, editor will consider:
a. Order (date) letters were received.
b. Calling the resident and asking they shorten the letter or hold it for the next issue.

4. Letters to the editor may be forwarded to subject matter experts or to individuals deemed necessary to evaluate questionable content to help determine if an editor’s note or follow-up contact with the author is necessary prior to publication.

For more information, please contact Allison Hefner at allisonh@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext.108.