Pool Survey

The new pool opening is planned for Memorial Day weekend 2021.

Ranch House Pool Design

Check out this time-lapse video to witness the new Ranch House pool from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the pool construction start and finish?

Removal of the current pool will begin in August 2019 after the regular pool season. Pool construction will take place over the winter and spring of 2019-20. The new pool is planned to open late July 2020.

Is the new pool larger than the current Ranch House Pool?

Yes! Size comparison:

Current Pool: 3,844 square feet, 160,000 gallons

New Pool: 6,300 square feet, 237,000 gallons

How is the pool being funded?

The project is budgeted at $3.6 million, of which $2.25 million will come from Plains Metro District lawsuit settlement funds designated for pools. The remainder of the funding will come from Master Association Reserves and Operations.

Will there be more deck and grass areas?

Yes, the concrete decking is increasing, and the fence will be pushed back to encompass more grass area inside the fence. We are making every effort to balance requests for additional decking and green space around the pool.

How deep is the lap lane pool?

The lap pool’s shallow end starts at about 3-feet deep and ends up at 6-feet deep.

Does colored concrete get hotter than regular concrete in the sun?

It depends on the color. The darker the material, the hotter it will get. If colored concrete is used on a portion of the concrete decking, the colors won’t be dark so the temperature difference will be negligible.

How will the swim team utilize the pools with the current planned openings that lead from the lap area to the zero-depth area?

The architect is researching “bridges” or small removable, portable components that can be used to bridge the specified location.

How deep is the diving well?

The diving well is 12-feet 6-inches deep at diving end.

Is there a diving board?

Yes, there is a deep-water diving well that includes a diving board.

Why isn’t there a slide?

At the initial pool open houses held in 2018, a slide was not one of the most popular resident choices. At that time there was more interest in a different amenity such as the aquatic climbing wall. Additionally, waterslides like the one at the Community Center require additional motors, pumps, and electricity to run, increasing the project cost. While a slide is not in the current plan, a slide could be added later should the community decide it is really wanted.

Does a new pool mean there will be more closures for swim meets?

No. The new pool design features eight lap lanes. The current pool only has six lap lanes. With the addition of two lanes, the swim team will be able to move through meets more efficiently.

If some of the desired amenities are not part of the budget at this time, is it possible to add them in the future?

Yes. Infrastructure for play features will be included in the pool construction so that play features may be added in the future. A slide may be considered in the future if the community desires it and there is funding. If funding becomes available, there may be an opportunity for additional shade and seating areas in the future as well.