Waste & Recycling Order Form

Waste and Recycling Container Orders

Please note: If you have a Waste Connections tote with an orange lid, you are not required to place an order to replace your tote. Waste Connections will take your small bins once they drop off your new totes, just mark it with “Trash, please take.” Due to room, it may take a few trips to collect all of these bins, so please be patient. They will be collected at no charge. Have a tote from another trash provider? Waste Connections stickers are available at the Ranch House for pick-up to cover your previous provider’s logo.

Per our current contract with Waste Connections, recycling pick-ups will continue on a weekly basis until Ken-Caryl officially transitions to bi-weekly recycling collection services on May 1, 2024. Once the new contract goes into effect, only recycling in approved Waste Connections totes will be collected. To accommodate resident preferences and needs, residents may request recycling totes in pre-approved 64-gallon or 96-gallon sizes. Residents may also request additional recycling totes using this form for an additional $6 monthly fee that will be billed to you directly by Waste Connections.

The deadline to order containers for guaranteed delivery by May 1 has passed. Residents will receive delivery information once it becomes available.

Please stay tuned to all our communications channels for any additional information or updates. Questions? Please contact Darci Cross at darcic@kcranch.org.

Waste and recycling container colors will be chosen by the Master Association. There is not an option to choose the color of your container.
Please select waste container(s), recycling container(s) or both.(Required)
Residents will receive delivery information once it becomes available. If you have questions please reach out to Darci Cross at darcic@kcranch.org