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Enjoy breathtaking views and wildlife in more than 4,800 acres of foothills open space. Over 45 miles of hiking, mountain biking and equestrian trails are ready for the exploration of our residents! Trails in the foothills and hogbacks are unpaved while those found nearer residential areas are generally paved and more accessible to all users. Trails are patrolled regularly.

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For comments or concerns about the Ken-Caryl trail system, email trails@kcranch.org.

Hiking ID Bracelets

The majority of the trails are on Ken-Caryl Ranch Private Open Space and are accessible only to residents and their guests. In order not to be stopped by a Ranger or Volunteer Patroller, we suggest that all trail users wear an identification bracelet. You can also carry an ID while using the trails to show the Rangers or Volunteer Patrollers if stopped. Please complete the Open Space Resident Identification Form and bring it to the Ranch House Recreation Desk or Community Center to obtain a Resident Identification Bracelet. See the Trail ID page for more information.

Open Space Group Events

Any group event by Ken-Caryl Ranch (KCR) residents and/or non-residents impacting or having the potential to impact open space property and/or interfere with other open space users must complete and submit a Group Event Application Form to the MA Staff and may be required to possess a valid permit. See the Group Event Policy for more information.

Public Trail Descriptions

Cathy Johnson and Columbine Trails and South Hogback Open Space – Open to the General Public

Length: 2.1 miles from South Valley Road to Deer Creek Canyon Road
Effort: Easy to Moderate
Features: Cathy Johnson Trail, which also serves as a service road for the Rangers, is situated in a narrow strike valley between the Dakota and Lyons Hogbacks. The Columbine Trail creates a loop off of the Cathy Johnson Trail, climbing onto the east flank of the Lyons Hogback and connects with Jefferson County’s South Valley Park.

Contact the Rangers for more information at 303-979-1876, ext. 170 or email Sean Warren.

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