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Back-country Skills in the Front Range

***New Start Date Pending***

The Backcountry Skills in the Front Range program, being offered through KC Nature starting in the fall of 2021, will teach students 10-14 years old the skills necessary to thrive in the backcountry and front country as well as address many of the challenges that being completely immersed in nature can bring. From orienteering with a compass, to learning and applying the seven principles of Leave No Trace, to shelter building in the woods and more, our team of experienced instructors will be putting the participants of this program to the ultimate test of wilderness knowledge while building a strong, supportive foundation during the transition from adolescence to young adult.

During these crucial tween years, 10 through 14-year-old individuals are beginning to develop their distinctive view of the world and their place in it. They are beginning to think more like adults, evaluating topics and developing opinions with more advanced reasoning skills. Peers become an incredibly important part of their identity as well as the groups they choose to be in. Creating a place where these young individuals can come together, discover and grow while cultivating a unique set of skills is something KC Nature is incredibly proud to offer. We hope the young adult in your life will join in the adventure as we explore the Front Range.

Please stay tuned for program and registration information!

For questions about KC Nature programs, contact Ashley Hanlon at 720-599-3223, or via email at AshleyH@kcranch.org.

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