Resident Survey

The 2017 Resident Survey is now closed. Survey results will be available online in the beginning of November.

The 2012 KC2020 Community Plan Survey was mailed to all Ken-Caryl Ranch households in October 2012. This was the first formal survey in 15 years, and there was an astounding 48 percent response rate.

2012 Survey Results

Survey Executive Summary
Comments from 2012 Survey
Data from Survey in Spread Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions from 2012 Survey

How are paint colors approved, and why do we still have neighborhood signs?
Trail trespassers, camping areas and sprinklers

Filtration at Brannon Gearheart pond, Frisbee Golf Course security and updated playground equipment

Pool season, snack bars at the pools and meeting spaces

What are the usage statistics for the trails and the other recreation offerings?

What is the Open Space budget used for?
Will there ever be trails on Big (Dakota) Hogback?
Who pays for fence repairs/replacement?

Have maintenance and upkeep been considered in the cost of new buildings?
Has there been thought about incorporating Ken-Caryl Ranch?
Who provides snow removal for the streets on Ken-Caryl Ranch?

Does the Ranch seek or receive Open Space grants and Colorado Lottery funds?
What do my dues and taxes cover?
How are the Equestrian Center, Youth Programs and Tennis Programs funded?

2011 Informal Survey

The Communication Committee developed and distributed a small-scale survey in September 2011, and the Survey Results are available for review.

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