Pickleball Comes to Ken-Caryl!

Pickleball may be played at the Bradford Park tennis courts utilizing the blended junior tennis lines.  The kitchen line has been permanently installed.

A pickleball court measures 20×44 feet and includes a 7-foot non-volley zone in front of the net (referred to as the “kitchen”). By comparison, the 60-foot court junior blended lines on a tennis court measures 21×42 feet (net to service line).

Court Reservations

Reservations for Bradford Pickleball / Tennis Courts: Up to 3 days in advance by calling 303-979-2233. Reservations taken March 1 through Oct. 1. No league matches permitted here. 2-hour limit.

  • USTA/CTA LEAGUE Participants: No charge (included in league fee)
  • Resident: No Charge
  • Non-Resident: $7* (includes tennis & pool use)
  • Guest Fee (with a Resident): $5* (includes tennis & pool use)

*Prices listed reflect cash/check discount. Credit/debit incurs additional 4.25% transaction fee.

Pickleball Mixers

Pickleball Mixers will be grouped by skill level (3.5 and under or 4.0 and up). We will be holding a designated number of spaces at each level. Site director will organize players to best suit the group. Players must have some competitive pickleball experience. Mixers are open to any experienced pickleball players age 16 and up. Players may drop in but will not be guaranteed a spot.

Registration is through a lottery system. Prior to each new session the schedule will be posted here. To register for a class, download the registration form and turn it in prior to the lottery deadline. After the lottery registration you can register for any remaining openings online.

Winter Session: Mixers only (no lessons) Jan. 4 – Feb. 1

Please see the Online Registration button below for class times and dates.

For additional information or private lessons, please call the Community Center at 303-979-2233.

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