Pickleball Comes to Ken-Caryl!

Pickleball may be played at the Bradford Park tennis courts utilizing the blended junior tennis lines.  The kitchen line has been permanently installed.

A pickleball court measures 20×44 feet and includes a 7-foot non-volley zone in front of the net (referred to as the “kitchen”). By comparison, the 60-foot court junior blended lines on a tennis court measures 21×42 feet (net to service line).

Court Reservations

Reservations for Bradford Pickleball / Tennis Courts: Up to 3 days in advance by calling 303-979-2233. Reservations taken March 1 through Oct. 1. No league matches permitted here. 2-hour limit.

  • USTA/CTA LEAGUE Participants: No charge (included in league fee)
  • Resident: No Charge
  • Non-Resident: $7* (includes tennis & pool use)
  • Guest Fee (with a Resident): $5* (includes tennis & pool use)

*Prices listed reflect cash/check discount. Credit/debit incurs additional 4.25% transaction fee.

Pickleball Classes and Mixers

We offer beginner classes and mixers for all levels. Please use the buttons below to find times, dates and locations.

Pickleball Mixer & Class Information Register for Classes and Mixers
If you are interested in Pickleball, contact Judy Anderson at judya@kcranch.org.

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