Volunteer Info

P00[C181-I255-E103@002]R318-G256-B471-(I:103-G000h-L0022)-c80-L512-P(02-0360-1080-0359-1079)LB00-RTC0-A0Open Space Volunteer Patroller Program

If you have been outside recreating on the trails, you may have come across one of our Volunteer Patrollers. These individuals are residents and may even be your next-door neighbor! They are each wearing a vest with the KCR Logo and “Volunteer Patrol” printed on the front. An ID will also be displayed to indicate they are working on behalf of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Park Rangers.

This program is in its fifth year, and recently the annual training was attended by nine new volunteers bringing the total number of patrollers to 19. We appreciate each of them donating their time to educate trail users about Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space and the rules. Please be courteous to these volunteers as they will be stopping each trail user to check residency unless a user is displaying an approved ID Bracelet.

Ken-Caryl Ranch Trail Club

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Trail Club is a group of volunteers operating under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Master Association and a Joint Use Agreement with Willow Springs Open Space. Members of the Trail Club contribute 10+ hours of volunteer service annually and in exchange receive permission and an ID bracelet for hiking in private Open Space owned by Willow Springs. The Trail Club promotes stewardship, volunteerism and partnership with Willow Springs on Open Space issues. Trail Club volunteer projects, provided by the Ken-Caryl Ranch Rangers, primarily focus on improving and maintaining Ken-Caryl Ranch trails. Please see additional information about the Trail Club.

Ken-Caryl Ranch