Facility Reservations

Please see the COVID-19 Updates page for the latest updates for facility reservations.

Group gatherings are limited to 50% of posted occupancy ensuring a minimum of 28 square feet per person not to exceed 25 per room. This means Bradford Room and Shaffer Room at the Ranch House are a max of 50 and the Lodge Room at the Dakota Lodge is a max of 34. Strict compliance with Social Distancing Requirements for employees and any attendees of services. See the Jefferson County website for more restrictions and social distancing requirements.

Facility Reservations & Rates

There are multiple rooms available at the Ranch House and Dakota Lodge that may be reserved for private parties, weddings, meetings, and community groups. You can see photos and access further details on our reservation site.

How to Reserve the Facilities

To check availability of a park or reserve a space for your next gathering please visit our reservation site. To reserve a sports field, please contact scottb@kcranch.org.

To reserve an indoor space:

First step is to determine if your time and date are available for rental. Go to our online Reservations Site and click “View Facility Availability”. Then, simply follow the prompts and search the facility you are interested in reserving. If you don’t already have an account, be sure to create one by clicking “Create an Account” in the upper right-hand corner. Once you’ve determined your preferred date and time, click “Book” to begin the reservation process. A $200 deposit is required at the time of booking. Please contact aprilc@kcranch.org if you need assistance with making a reservation.

Shaffer Room at the Ranch House


Bradford Room at the Ranch House



Lodge Room at the Dakota Lodge

Ken-Caryl Ranch